My family went to a timeshare meeting at Christmas Mtn in Wisc Dells. Everything sounded great, we bought a 10,000 point package, but after we got back to the hotel room, something just bothered me all night about getting excited and signing without even thinking about our decision. I, like many others, checked online and looked at some of the reviews, which were mostly negative. We decided to send a certified and registered letter (we sent both, just in case) stating we want to cancel our contract and wanted a refund 2 days later.

I have to admit I was very nervous during the next couple of weeks waiting for a response. I did call a contract attorney just in case. I called them 10 days after I sent the letter and they were actually very nice, stating they had received my letter and had processed the refund. I received it a week later, with no problems.

Today my husband answered a call from Christmas Mtn. asking why we changed our minds (we did this at the end of July, by the way), he told them the truth and again they were very nice.

Just thought I would post this because I could never find anyone who had received a refund, only people who had cancelled their contract.

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I am trying to get a refund too, wha did you write in your letter to them? Thanks for any help.


I had the same xperience with Bluegreen. When I signed up I told them that I didn't have the down payment in which they offered me an interest free credit card to alleviate the cost.

When I got home I did the same thing. I panicked though that I wouldn't get the refund off the credit card.

Everything was refunded and I had no problem getting out of this. The only thing you HAVE to remember is that if you do not cancel and have it postmarked within the 5 days you are pretty much out of luck.

The thing that bothered me was that even after I had it paid off and in 40 years I just want to quit using it, I can NEVER get out of the maintenance fees. Even when I am 105!

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