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I have been an owner with Bluegreen for almost 10 years. I was able to purchase points with this timeshare club without using their high interest rate loan, fortunately.

I used a 0% credit card for my purchase. Every year the Maintenance fees increase. I am very concerned due to paying $740 this year for my maintenance fees. I own 10,000 points which are given to me yearly.

10,000 points are barely enough points to book a vacation with inflation boosting the points value! They could at least take it easy on the annual fees!

If the maintenace fees keep increasing... I will not be able to afford a vacation!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares. The site can be viewed at

We dont sell timeshares, you wont or get any money for them. We just relieve you of all future financial obligation.

We have been in business for 11 years giving timeshare owners some relief from the trap that they get themselves caught in. Our office number is 417-334-0892 if you have any questions.


The sales person lied to us in many aspects just to mention some of them:

a. We can sell it for you and you will get

b. No disclosure on costs other than the mortgage – the maintenance fees and club due were not discussed initially (but see next two as to how he played the materiality of the fees down).

c. Sales person “I do own a timeshare myself and I even make money out of it (by reserving during peak hours) and selling it online). This covers my annual fees”

d. You can easily cover membership fees by recommending friends/family members to attend

e. You can easily reserve vacation time - no issues Vs very hard to reserve

f. If you cannot use your points this year, you can use them in the following years vs points expiring

g. About High APR - you can refinance it through your local bank vs timeshare is not

h. What Blue green sales is not a timeshare vs what else is it then?

i. If you have any questions and or want to sell it back, just call me on my cell phone vs when we called him he said ‘ I do no longer fork for them, please contact customer service

j. No disclosure on how monthly payment on the mortgage is applied vs looks like from our experience that almost all of it goes to interest and the principal doesn’t go down that much

k. "You can sale it If you do not like it and make profits out of it since it appreciates vs no value at all at the secondary market for timeshares (try to sell it and you will know what I’m saying here).

l. You can rent it and recover your monthly fees and make extra money out if it vs. it’s hard to reserve for one’s own use personal use (they have color coded seasons which covers the entire summer and good seasons for vacations where you can’t use your saved points from prior year and cannot get a free space (By the way, the company allegedly sales rents the rooms to the general public while they appear unavailable for online/phone booking at:

m. "No mention of a very restrictive business rule/policy restricting customers in 2 ways regarding points

n. a. No use of points from prior year during points from prior years expiring right"


Lord *** you are a puss troll.

Heres a little Bluegreen mantra for you - "Subject to Availability"

*** your a complete *** bag dude. You and the rest of your Bluegreen concubines. God will cast his vengence on you soon can bank on that pal.

Heres a little fact for your good people reading these posts and wondering what is the truth....

TRUTH #1. Bluegreen Sales *** will tell you anything you want to hear to separate you from your hard earned money.

TRUTH #2: The Yahoo group is a front for BG sales *** to convince you that you need to purchase more points and move up the "Bluegreen ladder"....what a SCAM!!!!!!!!

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #128031


I may be wrong with your MF I have just read on anothe forum that 8000 every over year points is very expensive since you pay $475 mf each year so it looks as if they do charge you the flat fee each year.

Join the Bluegreen group on yahoo ask the same question you may be able to buy some resale and change your every other year to yearly and save some money.

giives your more points but brings down your MF

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #128017

Depending on which trust fund your points are in you should pay the following for 8000 every year points for biannual you should pay half that ammount

B $674 or 2x337

D $520 or 2x260

E $634 or 2x307

Check with the MF dept at bluegreen and make sure if you are Trust Fund E (points after 2003) you are not being charged the flat fee of $329 (I think may be slightly more or less not sure)each year, if you are then they are classing you as haveing 4000 points each year instead of 8000 every other year

In addition you have $129 club dues which pay for RCI membership and reservations etc which are due on your aniversary date


HI there,

On one of the websites i saw that some people pay about 200 dollars every year for 10K every other year (biannual points). Does anybody mind to tell me how much their maintenance fees are if you owe 8000 biannual points.

Every year out maintenace fee bill is over 400, and keeps increasing.

We owe 8000 biannual points.

Thank you

to Arijana #1286535

Im with BG and have 14000 pts and pay 900 a year. I had no clue that they were going to go up every year. With planning every month we will be fine, but I really dont want to pay any higher.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #123407

In addition

The resorts that were available when you first bought your points are still there and they are still the same number of points. Therefore you still have the same choice as before, the points can not be increase due to the fact that all the points are deeded against a certain unit/week/resort.

To put it anotherway if they put up the points for your deeded unit then they would have to give you the same number of points .... it does not happen.

The newer resorts are more points but remember that you still have the same choice as when you first bought

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #123405

Sorry but you have it wrong

You have to make the resevation then you rent it to whoever you like. Bluegreen do not rent for you the reservation staff do not know it is for rent unless you ask them to put the resevation in a different name to yours.#

Once you have rented it to whoever then you contact BG and change the name


they r getting higher every yr.there needs to be a cut off point.unless you buy more points some of the best resorts will not be available to you.I also think you should be able to give back your ownership if you r unable to use it.they r NOT going to loss any money.they will have it resold(at a much higher price) within a are not asking for any money just the ability to return your membership and no longer be a part of the club.forget having them to rent your points for you.It will not work.I have tried that.they will give you a reason.for example no vacancies to rent out your points.however,if you call for a reservation they always have some do not have to be a member to rent out one of the townhouse,condos,ect!!!they make more money from other people and NEVER use your place to rent to someone.try it and see for yourself.

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