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I purchased my time share and 1 of the seeling points was how great it would be to give someone some points for a vacation so you can provide them a free place to stay, aparently I have to check them in so what is the point? I would have to buy a plane ticked to go to the time share to check in.

I am in the miltary stationed overseas and just wasting away my points because I cannot let other people check in. Payments every month for nothing.

Buying this time share was the worst financial decision I made. DO NOT PURCHASE BLUEGREEN TIME SHARES!

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Just having reread your original post

One question ....... do you still owe money if that is correct you can not sell transfer or give awy untill it is fully paid off



advertise it on ebay saying that you will pay all transfer fees, there are forms on to allow you to do this at a cost of $250

under no circumstances pay anyone up front to sell it for you, they will tell you they already have a buyer charge you the earth, and all they will do is advertise it at a price nobody is willing to pay.

when you put it up on ebay ensure you say how many points , if they are annual or every other year where they are deeded (this does matter to some even though points can be used at all resorts), when they renew and what trust fund you are in (if you bought direct from BG after 2004 they will be Trust Fund E ) and if they are a sales type y or a (y means you pay mf by 15th Nov each year a means you pay on your aniversary

and just for info they will not transfer with any benefits ie unlimited bonus time, just bonus time at the resort you are deeded at


Thanks Saved. I am willing to pay someone to take ths time share off my hands.

I would rather pay for hotels that deal with yearly maintenance fees and different rules about points, high dates, low dates or whatever other rules are in place. Hotels are easier.


Hi JR. I hope you are having a good day.

To answer your question, I'm here trying to defend my company. I do hate that some people do not enjoy what they get, I really do. I want everyone to have a good time. The thing is not everyone will.

Be it their views on pressure or their rep who is doing the tour. There are a lot of factors. My tip is read both views good and bad and determine if you want the vacation club if you decide to.go on the vacation. That way you are informed and can say yes or a strong definitive no.

Start it off that way if you do not want it. I've been.on.nine tours myself I've only not enjoyed one.

I hope you have a good time and that you give us a try if not that's ok, we dont want you to do anything you don't want to. God bless.


Completely untrue.

There is no need for you to check them in. Just make the reservation in their name.


Happy Easter to you Lucy. You may very well tell the truth to your customers. But from what I am finding may be the exception to the rule.

I did not want to put my family through the grueling and insulting presentation that customers have described. Our time is valuable.

I do have to question why you are on this site if you truly believe that you work for an honest company with an honest product.


To Jr, not everyone will enjoy but a lot do. What you bought was not buying into the timeshare itself but a vacation to go learn about it.

Of you like what you hear when you get there buy if not don't. If you want to cancel, call the 1800 number. The truth is we don't have the system to cancel it in store but they will be happy to over the phone. It isn't too good to be true because they don't make money for the ones bought in store they make it with the purchase of the vacation club which they sell a lot of.

It all comes out in the wash. You don't have to buy, just go hear what they have to say. If you still don't want it, please feel free to cancel. We don't want you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

Happy Easter and God bless. :cry

to lucygrey Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #724749

Not true (calling will not work)...follow the cancellation policy in your contract. Most states allow anywhere from 3 -15 days to cancel the contract in writing.

Follow the cancellation policy to the letter! TN for example allows 10 days if you toured/inspected the property and 15 if you didn't tour/inspect the property. Also, it depends on what state you sign the contract in, those are the cancellation laws you need to follow. What ever the cancellation policy states in your contract...heed it.

If there isn't a cancellation policy listed in your contract(never heard of that, but you never know), there is still a law to protect you.

Also some states rescission periods are as short as 3 days. This can be calendar days and/or may include Saturday and the day you sign the contract.


Glad I came home and did some research. Headed back to Bass Pro to try and cancel.

Going to confront those shady salespeople and ask for BP manager.

My mistake. If it sounds too good to be true-it is not true.


Contact your Attorney General.


Elise81 call 1-888-552-1358. it's a company i found that took my timeshare and got rid of it for good. it does cost so you know but money well worth more maint fee, assessment fees, or taxes...hope this helps


sorry you have it wrong you do not have to sign them in, all you have to do is put the reservation in their name ..... no extra fee or any problems and it can all be done in one phone call

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