The sales persons from bluegreen resorts told us that we could sell our points for money. Eleven thousand points would bring me in about $5,000 per year that was at the 65% to me and 35% to bluegreen.

When I called them to sell my points they no longer do this you haveto go through another agnecy to do the sale. No way are awe going to get that amount of money for 11,000 points. I was lied to by the sales people.

Do not buy from these people not worth the money better to keep your money and go on a vacation and avoid the $800 maintenance fees every year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Cindi join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo and you will truly learn how to get the best out of your points (far more than BG sales will tell you that I can promise)


We went on our 3 night stay in Myrtle Beach 5 years ago, we upgraded to the Hilton and extended our stay for an extra $160. We ended up buying 10,000 points and have recently upgraded to 13,000.

Every year we have wonderful vacations, the bluegreen resorts are very well maintained and are very family friendly. I do agree that some of their sales tactics are underhanded but I think recently they've begun to change their ways and we are now assigned a go-to guy that handles our account. It's much better to have one person you can contact if you have any questions or concerns. He is also there to help up with understanding the in's and outs of our contract.

It's costly to own, the maintenance fees taxes are quite high but over all it's still cheaper than renting a hotel room and eating out. We get two bedroom apartments with a kitchen and living room.


Going to NH ski area next week on a promo I got in MO last fall. Don't mind sitting thru a 90 min pitch for a week of skiing at a great hill.

Will see how it goes. Never done it before, and the folks at Bass Pro were upfront and polite, no high pressure.


I too am of former employee of BG in a Bass Pro shop. I do not think anyone actually lied.

I certainly did not. I loved my job and made excellent money. People hear what they want to hear and some people expect a $5000 vacation for $10. People you know you are going on a time share presentation.

Do your homework ahead of time. Know what you want to ask? Read the fine print. You can have a nice weekend or 7 day vacation if you are realistic about it.

As to the employee above, I think if you are honest with yourself, you just did not like the "cold calling" sales.

I loved it. I met a lot of great people and I miss it.


I just completed the 3 day 2 night package and recieved all that was promissed.Did purchase a plan . Anxious to see how it works out


I stayed in a resort in Virginia, listened to a low key presentation ... It was great!!

Essentially free and had a wonderful time!

Some people will cry if you give them a free $100 bill just because it wasn't a $500 bill. Geez


We love being BlueGreen owners. We haven't experienced any issues and they were up front about everything. I will keep you updated.

:? Really confused what to think with all of this. I just received a call that I won this drawing that I entered for 7 days 6 nights at the Universal Studio for 4 (which would allow my youngest son to also go making 5).

I had to spend 498.00 for me & husband but get 2 -7day Hopper passes to all the Universal Studio amusement parks & attractions. Plus after that trip I get another 3 day 2 night trip to my choice out of 25 different states they have resorts located. On top of all that I get another 4 day 3 night cruise all inclusive.

Only had that $498.00 fee and have to sit thru 90 min guided tour of place. Now I am scared to death this is a joke and my kids will be heartbroken....

My husband, his daughter, and her husband are going to be leaving this week end to stay for the 2 night, 3 day at a Bluegreen resort in Las Vegas.

The four of us can stay in one room for $99.00, according to the sales team at Bass Pro Shop in Aurora.

It sounds like a great deal. We have never stayed in Vegas.


My husband signed us up for this deal about 3 yrs ago, we did the whole presentation deal, which it was a lil over 90 mins, but we did have 2 kids with us...we stayed in a resort that we would never be able to afford on a family vacation for 100, then got 50 in bass pro cards and 50 in other cards back, just for listening...we knew going in we couldn't afford any of their offers, but i've read alot of reviews and see alot of bg resorts for sale and rent online, but we did one last yr in florida for sea world tickets and got scammed and out over 300 bucks, so this was the best we've dealt with before...the one in jamestown va is awesome too!


3/12/2011 I also got the $99 package for 3 days and 2 nights, upfront i got a $25 gift card and will recieve $75 giftcard in Las Vegas. An additional $25 if i go within 30 days.

i have no problem with sitting throught a 2 hour presentation if i could walk away without buying anything.

Plan on going next week ( i luv Bass Pro ). Hopefully i dont get ripped off


I read all the comments above. Its 99 Bucks and you get a2day /3night vacation, when you go you do have to look at the property and do a sales presentation,but you do not have to buy anything, then you get 100 bucks for bass proshop! whats wrong with that?


I quit working for Bluegreen in Denham because some reps were not being upfront with the Bass Pro customers. I enjoy sells, but when it comes to integrity, one rep in particular just did not have it...can't work with liars.

:p It was made more than clear to us that we were going to be sitting through a time share presentation. Read the bottom line.

You people need to get a life..and stop complaining about everything..You are staying at a 4 to 5 star resort for 2 nights for $99 and getting back $100 in Bass Pro credit..Are you F@#$%!N kidding me..2 nights at one of these places would normally cost 4 to 5 hundred..


We used this $99 package and got $100 in gift cards. The tour in Branson was respectable and we enjoy and use our points we have.

Also,many others do. Make your own dicision.

Disney gets complaints too. Lots of them


We just bought in to a BlueGreen Resort ownership. We enjoyed our stay in St Agustine and was treated very well. Anyhow we have 10 days to change our minds. Please send me your comments if you too are BlueGreen Owners.

What are the pros and cons??

Is it really a good investment in the long run???


Active duty Army Soldier at Ft Campbell. I went into Bass Pro in Nashville and fell for their time share offer.

I don;t have a problem with Bass Pro but it's owner really needs to know that Bluegreen used them and lied about the costs, straight faced, to me and my wife.

We agreed to purchase if it was under $250.00 Our bill was $204 monthly, until this past weekend...it has raised from 2.9% to 16.9% and the new payment is $409. There are no words that can express my anger.


You don't want to sell it now if you can hang on to it. The market is not good enough to get what you put into it.

You need to use it if possible. I personal rent out to friends and family saving them money and making about $400 per year above my maintenance fees. My family and I where able to pay off Bluegreen with a 0% credit card and made sure we had it paid off before the rate increased.

We had 2 families paying for one. We are silver members and after our maintenance fees are paid we still get to have about 2 great week long vacations per year.

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #162691

I was in a bass pro too and purchased a travel special for $99. I dont know what you all are complaining about.

No one held a gun to my head and I was free to walk away. I went to Branson and stayed in a nice hotel. Went on the tour and had a nice trip.

It cost me $99 and I got $100 back in gist cards to my local bass pro. I dont get what you are all complaining about.

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