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My family and I were also sucked in to a 90min tour for a vacation voucher. Talk about high pressure sales tactics I was afraid we were going to have to give them our firstborn son or promise them a kidney to be realeased from their clutches.

On the other hand as we repeatedly told the woman no at every turn and offer she was obviously getting angry. We had made a pact not to sign anything before we went in. Several times I mentioned that we had already given them the 90 minutes as the 2 hour mark approached. They then brought out different levels of management to offer us the "best" deal and we told them no also and it was obvious they were getting mad at us.

I began to wonder if I was going to make it out of there without getting arrested for busting someone in the mouth and we had our three kids with us and one was a little baby and they had no *** regard for the fact he was fussy and I had told them he needed to be fed and we didn't have another bottle with us. I finally started ignoring them and let my husband do all the talking until finally they saw we weren't going to buy into their Bluegreen pile of brown if you know what I mean.

I seriously think these people should be charged for kidnapping because in essence that is what they are doing when they won't give you your voucher so you can leave after their 90 minutes is up. I was so mad at that evil B---h for months afterwards for ruining our vacation that I wanted to go back just to smack her face.

Sometime after the Bluegreen Resort tour that lasted us almost 4 hours instead of the 90 minutes they claim I saw an episode of South Park (which I normally do not watch for numerous reasons, but had to watch this one because it was about timeshare sales) where the prospective customers were held at gunpoint and forced to buy a timeshare before being allowed to leave. I really didn't feel that was too far fetched after our experience so STAY AWAY from these scams they waste more time than they are worth and the pressure is very HIGH!!! They should have sent these psycho's to Iraq they probably could have pressured the Taliban into whatever they wanted and came home with Osama!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #22622


what porkie pies you tell

Bluegreen is one of the best products on the market and is an outstanding vacation club

Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island, United States #12707

I just got a call about this too.. they offered a 79 dollar weekend stay and ask to attend a tour they called it.

So your all saying this is about them trying to get us to by Time shares??? and if we attend the tour we will get a 75 voucher...has anyone taken this deal and if so is it for real...what is the deal here...!


dear "what a mooch"

People are tricked into attending those sales pitches to begin with.

They are told very good and nice things about this "vacation package" So, they get mislead to attend. Not everyone goes for the "free gift"

They go, in hopes, of buying into an outstanding vacation package... too bad bluegreen doesn't have an outstanding vacation package......

Saint Henry, Ohio, United States #7325

they cant force you to stay longer then 90 minutes, you chose to because you wanted the free gift you mooch!!!!!

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