Bluegreen called me on Feb. 1 to confirm my trip to Aruba on Feb.

20. They re-confirmed my info, but when I told them I had lost my job since agreeing to go on the trip last year, they decided to cancel me. Here's the kicker. They refused to re-imburse me for my airfare which I paid for!!!!!!

I was ok with them cancelling the trip due to my unemployment. But since THEY are the ones who chose to cancel, they should re-imburse me for my airfare.

What an unprofessional operation! Never do business with these people.

Angela Parker

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They didnt owe you airfare. Get a grip. People have to start taking responsibility for what they do.

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #51839

I take it you took out insurance so you can claim it back, or are you one of those leaches just after a free trip.

Surley you knew they would cancell you since you had no income to buy a timshare. Why did you not just go on the trip and then say no thank you when it came to the crunch.

Ways and means around everything

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