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Last week my family used our Bluegreen timeshare in Christmas Mountain Wisconsin Dells. This was the first time in 8 years we have been able to use our time where and when we wanted.

We took our friends to a 3 room cabin where the air was so dry we all ended up with sore throats and not being able to sleep. We called to ask about a humidifier and were told there is a Walmart in town. The construction was so shoddy that every car door in the parking lot could be heard through the walls and the people on the other side of the wall may as well have stayed with us! There was a pile of dirt and hair behind every door to show how the housekeeping staff didn't bother to sweep or mop behind it and a pile of cigarette butts on the porch floor.

I wish we could post pictures of the ceiling fan caked in dirt and dust along with the walls around it. My favorite picture was of the crack running from the point of the ceiling to the ground where the two parts of the building were trying to separate!

When we brought this up during our "mandatory one hour owners update" we were blown off and still pitched to buy more points! Needless to say Christmas Mountain left us all a bit 'frosty'.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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If you own a villa or a cabin wait until you get the good news about their $9,000,000 upgrade that we are supposed to pay for. Time for a class action lawsuit.


I'm sorry it sucked for you. I went to Christmas Mountain last year and I was very happy with the accommodations (The only redeeming factor about Bluegreen in my eyes).

I stayed in the 3 bedroom townhouse. With my family and in-laws.

Knowing the company for what it is though, I probably just got lucky.


I was there this Christmas too, someone broke into my condo and now I am getting charges for it, and yes accomodations are somewhat bad, but I was tere onoy 2 days and always outside so did not get to even use my condo, someone else did...

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