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Do you feel you've been taken advantage of in the sale of a 5 star resort owned by Bluegreen Corporation?? Below is my story and after reading many others like my own, I think, we the owners have rights and need to take a stand. I am considering a national class action law suit, but I need to get everybody on board. If you are interested, please continue to read below.

My husband and I bought into Bluegreen after visiting in Gatlinburg, TN. We bought in as Silver owners (20,000 points), without ever an explanation of maintenance fees. We didn't know to ask about them and they surely didn't offer any advice. This past April we went to Falls Village in MO and attended another 'Owners Update' meeting and were sold an additional ...(15,000 points) because with 'the Bluegreen representative kept explaining that it was such a good investment because we could rent them out.' In his sale, he explained all of the extra income potential there was to be made in the rental of BG points. He suggested we talk to 'Sheila' at Timeshare Lifestyle and she would help. So we called Sheila at TL. We dropped another another $1000 toward listing our BG points for rental with Sheila in May and nothing has happened. So, YES, I've been screwed twice.

We do not like, nor can afford the constant increase in maintainence fees. Even more so, I don't like the fact that the Better Business Bureau has revoked Bluegreen's Accreditation. I think it is time for Bluegreen to step up to what we, the owners, were sold, without the increase in maintainence fees to manage their business during these economically hard times!

Did you know ... on January 26, 2010 this company's accreditation in Better Business Bureau was revoked by the Board of Directors. Their accreditation was revoked due to recent government action involving the business's customer relations which indicates a significant failure of the business to meet standards of conduct expected of a BBB member.

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.Reasons for this rating include:"¢409 complaints filed against business"¢Failure to respond to 8 complaints filed against business."¢Government action(s) against business."¢BBB Accreditation was revoked because business failed to comply with agreed BBB standards.

If you are interested in being included in filing a national class action lawsuit, please come on board with me. My address is tkfrey1@windstream.net and let's put our heads together.

Thanks everyone!

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use the refferal program and quarterly updates. Give away the free 3day 2 night stays and you get $50 each time and 4 times a year you can go in and get updates and they pay you $100 each time.

Maintance fees are part of life in the timeshare buss.

but Bluegreen helps you offset your fees.If you understand how it works you can vacation very well. So go to the updates and find out whats going on.


could not have put it better

spot on here is the thing


Bluegreen should have told you that the Maintenance Fees increased, its no different than owning a house and paying property taxes.

Saying that, how in the heck do you think taxes wouldn't increase? I mean c'mon use your common sense. When you stay at a hotel you do realize you pay around 12% hotel/motel tax? People crack me up, oh the M Fees are so bad - really? - Why so you can pay a higher percentage at a hotel? Heck you can even write M Fees off of your personal taxes. You pay taxes on everything you do, why do you think owning a timeshare would be any different. I don't see people complaining about fees when they pay for airfare. Here is the reason - there is a whole cottage industry (all scams) to try and get you to pay them to sell your timeshare. Here is some news for you - they don't work. You have to sell your timeshares yourself, just like your house. As far as renting your timeshare out, yes its possible but probably not likely through BlueGreen - there are really only 2 companies that have rental programs that work for their owners - Marriot and Wyndham both have internal rental programs.

Here is the best thing you could do to get your money back -- use your points for travel. DO NOT LET THEM EXPIRE - TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL


I have been a gold owner for quite some time now & a BG owner since 1997. All the sales people use the same tactics.

I recently sat through a sales meeting to get me to move up to platnium & how great it would be & how I would be saving money.

I told the guy NO for 6 straight hours before finally getting up raising my voice & leaving. This company really sucks at customer service.


and please tell all of us how you expected BG to maintain the resorts with out owners paying MF

did you not know anything about timeshare before you bought 20000 points.

Did you not look into renting the points yourself ? who in their right minds hands over $1000 so that somebody can rent out their timeshare for them

and by the way Wyndham also have a F rateing. mind you if Bg paid to be a member they would go up to an A rating strang how the BBB works isnt it



I only worked for BG for a short six months. During which as an employee I was subjected to intimidation tactics used on the sales floor and also management engaging in unethical practices of drug usage and sexual harrassment. I would tell anyone going there to BEWARE...the resorts are beautiful but they are costly.

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