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My wife and I are Bluegreen owners since 2006. We initially purchased into the club after attending the 2-3 hour sales pitch, and took it, hook, line, and sinker. We were in our early 20's had a little extra cash, and rationalized the purchase thinking we had found the greatest thing on Earth. We even upgraded our package without having even used the first set of points. We have since attended several owner's "updates" which always involve a sales pitch, which has got to be by far, one of the most distasteful experiences ever.

For our most recent visit (Myrtle Beach), we were presented with the newest things Bluegreen has to offer. Fees for rolling over points, a sob story on how banks won't offer financing to build new resorts, a $12,000 Traveler's Plus program, "Fee for Service", which amounts to Bluegreen no longer offering deeded properties, but instead offering points packages for $3.09/pt, with a minimun purchase of 10,000 points ($30,900!). Oh yeah, Bluegreen is expected to run out of inventory in 18 months, so you better act now.

As many others have shared, we were unable to research, unable to sleep on it (even though we're staying in their resort). We were told that if we didn't act today, that we would never be able to buy regular deeded points again, that we would be relgated to buy the minimum $30k package if we ever wanted to get to be bronze owners. I asked if we had the right to rescind the contract if we felt buyer's remorse, upon which the salesman indicated that it could "hurt" him, and could cause him to lose his job. After nearly 3 hours for an "update" on new developments with the company, we caved and reluctantly bought again.

After wasting nearly half of our day, a sweeping feeling came over me. What company treats their customers like this? What company, that provides a "service" that is not a necessity, has the power to bully, trap, and render their customers powerless. My wife and I don't "need" Bluegreen, we chose to do business with them. They "need" us to keep them running, and I refuse to let them strip me of any bastion of control in our decision making, and where we choose to spend our money. Our plan is to invoke our right of rescision, and now.

I hope that before someone goes to visit this company either for an update or new ownership reads this and refuses to allow themselves to be stripped of their control. No deal should only be good while your in their chair. No purchase of that amount should be made on an impluse, without proper research. It's your money, protect it.

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Mtjm32, we had the exact same experience at Myrtle Beach in 2010. We were having our update meeting and this cranky old saleman was so rude to us!We told him right off the bat we weren't interested in buying at this time but wanted to hear about the new resorts husband wouldn't let them run a credit report which they want to do upfront, we knew we weren't buying so why bother, that got the saleman irritated.

He told us about the non deeded points which I find rediculous, who in their right mind would spend that much money for nothing? After about and hour he was getting pissed, he wanted us to sign a paper agreeing to forfeit our rights to deeded point since we weren't buying this time and my husband refused, the guy got so mad he yelled "it doesn't matter if you sign or not you'll never get deeded points again!" He then brought in his sidekick who got in our faces about not signing the paper. When all the dust settled, they both left the room never to return and left us sitting there scratching our heads. I left the office shaking and broke down crying wondering what just happened?

We were paid in full owners who always pay our fees on time, why were we being treated this way?

I felt betrayed and ripped off. Such a poor way to do business...

No Timeshare

@Captain - If you are familiar with Bluegreen you would know that the "Charter" Membership and Travelers plus does not transfer if an owner sells their timeshare.


I will buy it from you right now. Does your charter have travelers plus? How many points do you own?


Has anyone been forclosed on how bad does it hurt your credit and for how long? We simply cant afford it and no one wants to buy it what are we suppose to do? Our income has dropped drastically?


we had our owners update at The Fountains on the 25th July 2011 it lasted around 45 mins

and for that they gave me $75

I would say thats not bad for 45 mins

Our point price offer was $1.25 but they could not meet our resale point price of $53 for 21000 points

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