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I am former employee of the Fountains in Orlando...the F/B Mgr there, Miguel Soto, is a RACIST individual. In the F/B Dept, he has TERMINATED all BLACKS from dept.

The department is mainly LATINO, and at the time of my hire, I was one of only 2 BLACKS in ENTIRE less than 30 days, there are no BLACKS in entire department.

They dont pay right, and do NOT treat their guests good. The mgmt makes derogatory comments regarding BLACK guests as well.

Just want folks to know the TRUTH...because this has gone on far too long

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I used to work At The Fountains too, F.O./MOD and worked when it was Oasis Lakes. Frankly, Oasis Lakes Resort was a great place to work.

It was like a family. As soon as it became The Fountains it all went downhill. The vast majority of Oasis Lakes employees quit due to the Management's unethical behavior.

I do not doubt this guy's claim. They do drive out good hard working employees!



I have spent many vacations at The Fountains (also when it was Oasis Lakes) and have never found any kind of trouble what so ever, the staff have always treated blck or white the same. Please do not let this taint your vacations, why do people have to put labels on themselves......

if you were born in the US you are american if you were born in africa you are african ..... you can only be african american if one parent was born in the US and the other in Africa ......people just get over these labels this is what is one of the biggest cause of unrest.

Go to The Fountains and enjoy you vaction and please just go with an open mind

wow thank you. I will watch out because that is where i am spending my break and a group of about 30 people and we all happen to be black :x .thank you again for the warning

Seems the lawyers are going make another killing ..... when will you lot ever learn that there is only one winner and it is never going to be you


Here is my contact info..and I DO have an ATTORNEY here in Orlando picking up my case...

my me there and I will send my phone number...this company is really bad towards BLACK employees...


john maloney is full of bologna! Civil lawsuit is needed


We need to talk. I am an employee and African American..

i am seeking legal counsel on a civil lawsuit. how can I reach you?

If that is thee case you have a lawsuit. :)

In reverence to the comment about my "capabilities", I received numerous compliments from guests during my time there which was 8 months..also I was hired away from my job in Key West...I did NOT come LOOKING for Bluegreen...they came to me...then they screwed reach your own conclusion.

And...IF you were there anytime in past 8 months...I was the BLACK Bartender/Server...and IF I took care of you, then you WOULD remember me.


no point in telling us send an email to

John Maloney he is the CEO

I have found that the staff treat the black owners in the same way as white owners and in all the years I have been an owner I have never heard or seen anything different. Not one black owner has ever said to me ( and I would like to add that they (the black owners) are more polite and chatty than some of the white owners) that anybody is a racist. Most owners black or white are too busy enjoying their vacations

I have been an owner at that resort way before it became Bluegreen so I do know the resort very well.

Did you complain to the resort manager and then to his manager ?

If not than that is the way you should have done it.

How do we know if you were got rid of because you are black or were you not up to the job?

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