Charleston, South Carolina
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I purchased one of their marketing vacation deals and ran into several road blocks trying to book a reservation. Beware folks don't go for the $49 two day vacation package.

I was not able to work out a booking date with these folks, so I got really irritated and decided it was okay to loose the $49. I am glad however, that I did not get stuck purchasing one of their time shares. This is one of the worst businesses that I've ever dealt with. Customer service was horrible and I never received an answer to a compliant email.

I learned a valuable lesson and would like to warn folks do not fall for their scam. They offered a vacation at their property, but wanted to put me up in a Sleep Inn hotel. I suspect they won't be in business long, or they'll change names soon.

There is a lot of bad info about this group on the Internet; I only wished I had seen the warnings before purchasing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

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Jet, Oklahoma, United States #40673

well ya c everyone has there opinion, and like i said acouple months ago, my family really enjoys BLUEGREEN,just pay attention and lean how to use tha program. stop whining like a brainless buffone!!!, by the way i will buy tha unwanted points like pac-man, hit me up at, and be done with it!!!!!!!


shouldn't the representatives of bluegreen be educating and informing their unhappy owners of policies and tricks instead of the satisfied owners on this website?

also, this is why are there any positive comments on here? there are other websites for that.


I :cry couldnt :cry get my :cry birthday with Bluegreen :cry . You obviousily bought the smallest thing.

You didnt buy a new BMW sh#thead, you bought a used 10 speed bike. Put that on the interstate!

Yulin, Shaanxi, China #24944

For happy owner and shocker 1207. Contact me and my points are available.

Let me help you be even more thrilled with Blue Green. My points are available.

Cresco, Pennsylvania, United States #22230

So because you couldn't get the travel dates you wanted that makes the whole company a scam?? C'mon now read the package....put in the proper notice, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, and you could've been least now you have more time to be dramatic and post blogs about it though right?

Friedersdorf, Thuringen, Germany #22227

I'm happy I didn't join Bluegreen. Our sales guy was really nice, but thank GOD my husband and I were smart enough not to join.

One thing we've noticed is that Bluegreen seems to target minorities over any other group of people. Makes me wonder about their code of ethics???????

Henderson, Arkansas, United States #20407

I've noticed the comments from other "bluegreen" owners.

they are rude and nasty just like bluegreen customer service...

I am a blue green "owner" I hate the program!

I am trying to sell and it's impossible.

I can never get reservations when and where I want. I've even tried to book as far as a year in advance.

And that's hard to do as an average working couple who need vacation approval from their jobs!!

I paid for my own vacations for 2 years.. non- blue green. It was either that or just not get a vacation.

blue green was "booked"........

I hate bluegreen. If you are smart........ please do not buy through them...............

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #20067

Dear miserable owner,

Stop moaning and pull your finger out or should I say stop putting it up the place the sun dosnt shine.

You wanted to go on your birthday so why did you not make your reservation at the 11 month window like the rest of us happy owners.

If you have to go on a "special " day then plan dont expect the rest of us to keep those dates open for you just in case you want to go on your "birthday".

Get real pal

why did you go to the presentation---- dont tell me it was for the FREEBIES.

nothing in life is free and all these freebies not mater who they are from always have conditions attached to them but some of you are so gullable that you fall for them every time.

You went to a presentation for Bluegreen Points that is what you bought you did not buy cheap airline tickets

So in answer to your first line of you moan yes I am sick of people like you that think they have pulled one over on a company or got a load of freebbies and then finding out you can go down the high street or into the Mall and get the same for less then you have to pay for your "freebies".

what you should have done is your homework and then asked the question is timeshare for me is a points timeshare for me

do I need those freebies

If you answer yes then thats the reason you went to the presentation

If the answer was no then why the *** did you go in the first place

Dont say its a scam just because you dont know how to use what you bought

Warne, North Carolina, United States #19165

i'm sick of seeing people writing comments that they are a happy owner. bluegreen is a scam!

when i went to the presentation they gave me all this free stuff airline tickets, a cruse, blah blah blah. when i called to use i had to stay at specific hotels for a specific amount of time, none of which the seller told me about. he lied and told i can go whenever. its all a lie.

and as far as blueegreen - they never have anything available! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my favorite is when they want to try to get me to either change my dates or where i want to go. If I'm calling to spend my birthday away why the *** would I change the dates!

Never even got to use it for my birthday - had to pay extra to go on vacation.

I need to sell this ***! Any of you "happy owners" have friends who want to buy.

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #18033

shocker is correct

travellady wants a quality holiday and not pay for it so please tell me who is the scammer


Jet, Oklahoma, United States #17518

bluegreen is not a scam we love it and for tha 3 day deal u stay at a area hotel, they take u on a tour of there resort then u can buy into it if u want no scam involved, dont listen to travelady just because she didnt stay at tha resort,its part of tha deal. bluegreen offers great packaged deals and my family enjoys our vacacations we can take because of them!

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