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My husband and I went to Peigon Forge for our Blue Green presentation. First of all we had to drive for miles to get to the Vistor Center to pick up our paper work. We got our paper work and I was excited to find out we were staying at Laurel Crest. This was until we open the front door to the room. Entered into the front door to find a double bed (I'm 6' tall and my husband is 6'3) with a window for everyone that walks by to look staight in. The bedding looked like something out of a Motel 6. The bathroom was so small that we had to take turns getting dressed (only the one mirrow in the bathroom). The bedroom was so small that the DOUBLE bed was right upside the wall. Just a disappointment.

We arrived 20 min. early for our 90 min. presentation and ended up being there for 3 hours. One of the first things we were told was that BG would not pressure us into buying anything. After 6 times of my husband telling them we didn't want to buy anything we were treated to a very rude saleman who had been nice up until our last no.

We explained to the salesman at the beginning that we were disappointed in the room and this room looked nothing like the rooms in the presentation. As a matter of fact Laurel Crest was not even shown in the presentation. And it is amazing how many packages they can pull out of their hat when to begin with you only have a few to choose from.

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Too all that have been wronged by BLuegreen- write the BBB and the FTC and the Departmnet of Consumers affairs in the state you purchased your timeshare and the state they deed youm property in. FOLLOW Through with it all.

You can do it all on line, they alll have websites.. Type what you need to tell them on thier website.

THen copy it and paste it in the program you have on your computer, such as Microsoft Word , so you will have it for your records and can use it to send to all the places you need to complain too. THen you have a copy and make sure you submit it on their website.


Customer service at Bluegreen tour and Travel are really rude!!!! I will never schedule a tour with Bluegreen ever!!! :(


we went to one in the wis dells and were there for 3 hrs, even though it wasnt intense pressure, it was stressful, and i would never go to one again. thank god we were able to fget through it without giving in to the revival like tactics. alot of $$ for nothing of real value!

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sorry to hear that

All the ones I have stayed in has had King beds in them and I have been to Laurel Crest many of times. i know the last time we were there they were remodling Laurel Crest.

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