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They claim to be hassle free, no pressure. This is just not true. I have found them to say things only to not do what they say and when pressed on what they previously had stated they just say well now its different. Run! don't walk away from these guys. I wish I had not decided to give them a shot.

I thought I would give their offer a chance. My family takes a vacation every year and maybe this would be a program that would have value to us. They offered a a 2 night "promotional offer" if we would see their 90 minute presentation, which would be hassle free, no pressure, and absolutely no obligation to purchase. I paid $225 for what later documents would show that the room had a max retail charge of $175. So if I booked my 2 nights during peak season I would have saved $125. So for a maximum savings of $125 dollars plus all the Additional GIFTS they promise, my family would have to participate a 90 -120 minute presentation. That did not seem that bad as I was interested in considering their product anyway.

After paying the $225, I had up to a year to book. However, soon they started calling asking when we were going to book. (Remember No Hassle, NO pressure ). I had been thinking about taking a quick visit to Myrtle Beach, when I received on of those calls and why not book around the 4th, but I really wanted three nights. They said the would give me an additional night for $169 and I accepted and thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong. I week before my confirmed dates, I got a COURTESY call to confirm my reservation. The started reconfirming that we met their qualifications. When I stated that nothing had changed from the previous calls or purchase of the package. They put me on Hold and transferred me, 15 minutes later I got a person who came on and asked "How she could help me". I told her that they called me and put me on hold and I did not know what they needed. Again she reiterated that it was a COURTESY call to confirm that we met the Qualifications for the promotional offer, so that we would avoid being charged ADDITIONAL charges at the retial rate if we did not. This peek my interest as now I was wondering if I show up and don't have with me what they felt they would need to verify that I met their qualifcations, what would I be obligated to pay. They informed me they could tell me that what that would be. Saying its seasonal and would depend on availability etc, etc.

She then transferred me to another department. ONly to go through the same conversation after another 15 minutes hold all for a Courtesy call that they said was not required to begin with. AFter my evening was interrupted to and having been on the phone for 45 minuttes, I started telling them that I felt that this whole conversation was not a pleasant experience with their company and that they are selling a VACATION and that I expected a vacation experience to be relaxing and all aspects, booking , check in, services at the hotel to go smoothly and that ther company so far is presenting itself as difficult to work with, inflexible and more harrassing than an enjoyable, peaceful experience. I finally said that it did not make good business sense to initiate a potential relationship with a company selling a VACATION experience by harrassing the potential buyer.

I was transferred to a supervisor who came on with a very billgerent and aggressive tone telling me what I needed to do and that she was going to deal with me because I was talking to her associate in a derogatory manner. I told her that I was offended by accusations and that I did not do any such thing and since the call was being taped she could review it and then she would owe me an appology.

She continued the same line as the other three callers and be evasive with the quesions I asked and not willing to address the concerns I now had from the conversation that they iniated in their COURTESY call. Eventually, I was sorry that I ever decided to commit money to this group. I wanted to know my options for getting a refund.(Which there are none)

She transferred me to Miguel, who instead of discussing refund options continued to press the AGENDA of the original COURTESY call; however, he did have more answers or reason why they had to be rigid in their requirements. Then he again reiterated that this was a Courtesy call to help me avoid additional charges at the retail rate outside the promotional offer. Again, I wondered what my obligation may be as by now they had changed their previously stated requirements and I did not want to show up for a vacation and be aggrevated by the process not being what I expected or was told that would ruin the whole experience not matter how nice the accomodations were. He did come up with a rate, which was higher than the documents I reviewed later stated that the max would be. Nevertheless, his additional charges added up to be $190. So I stated him charge me the $190 dollars and keep their gifts that way I can be assured that I will enjoy my stay and that I will not be obligated to any part of the process that I found to be harrassing. He then switched his approach and said that he could not do that and if I did not commit to the promotional offers he would cancel my reservation for next week. (NO Hassle, NO Pressure). I reminded him that I was told this was a COURTESY call and one I was told that I needed to do nothing, commit to nothing . He replied well now its escalated and is not longer a COURTESY call. I asked him to give me the reasons that I was now required to verbal commit to actions on my VACATION. He said nothing other than to threaten me that I had two options verbally COMMIT in a taped conversation to their program or he was going to cancell my reservation. (No Hassle, NO PRessure) and NOOOOOOOOOOO REFUND.

Nevertheless, this obviously not a company that you want to do business with. They pressure you into a situation that is in their favor. Do not want to work with you to have a relationship that is a WIN WIN for both parties. I cancelled my reservation and made alternate plans that I could relax and be assured that I would have a relaxing VACATION. Yes, I will probably never see my $225 and will have to chuck it up to an expensive lession, but no sense thowing more good money after bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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