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I became an owner last October and have regretted every moment. I've tried on several occasions to book vacations but nothing I want is available.

At one point they tried to charge me a cancellation fee even though the place I was trying to get wasn't even available. They take money out of my bank account every month but I've gotten nothing in return.

Their complaint department does not respond. I complained to the Better Business Bureau and noticed they have a rating of "F" I should have checked out the BBB before buying into this scam.

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Well in order to receive the full benefits of blue green and get MORE out of the system you really have to know your way around it and if you do, its very beneficial. People get taken advantage of when they don't know how to work the system. To learn how to you should always talk to fellow blue green owners with many experiences and needed knowledge.


Lord buttholes is a bluegreen trash dweller. Ignore him or any other Bluegreen minion that tries to make you feel at ease about being cheated and scammed.

That YAHOO group is full of sales people who will sucker you into buying more of nothing.

Beware of the cockroaches at Bluegreen who want nothing more than to cheat you out of your money and laugh about it later over cocktails. That's OK though - Justice is on the way!

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #112066

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