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Sorry but I am not buying the attempt to pass off Seashell Stella's folksy sales pitch and praise for Bluegreen as the posting of an internet surfing grandmother from Iowa who just happened to come across my complaint on this site and who uses the phrase "for heavens sake", refers to another woman as "little gal" and makes all of her travel arrangements last minute. Right.

I do agree, however, with one thing in "Seashell Stella's" posting - if you want the truth about Bluegreen, ask an owner. Well, that's me. So ask me. If anyone reading this post has any questions about Bluegreen, please feel free post your questions here on this page and I will post a response.

I would be happy to share my experience as an Bluegreen owner over the past six years.

My complaints about Bluegreen are legitimate. Rather than pay people to post comments praising Bluegreen in response to legitimate complaints, Bluegreen would be better served to adopt honest business practices.

Original review posted by user Feb 22, 2013

Like scores of other duped Bluegreen owners, I purchased an ownership in Bluegreen based on false representations made and written documents provided during a sales presentation. In 2007, I purchased into Bluegreen in reliance on those representations and did so at the Silver Preferred Membership level specifically to obtain the benefits of the Silver Preferred Membership, which included the ability to "Pay Club Dues & Maintenance Fees with Vacation Points" per the written documents provided at the time of sale as well as membership materials subsequently mailed to me.

I also purchased at this level because it was sufficient to cover approximately 4 weeks of vacation stays per year. Plenty has been written about the false representations made during the sales process so I will limit my comments to the fraudulent claims contained in the written membership documents regarding use of vacation points to pay club dues and maintenance fees. The written documents contained more than just a statement that vacation points could be used to pay the dues and fees, they included a schedule explicitly listing the dollar amounts to be credited to fees by number of vacation points. My maintenance fees were approximately $1,000 per year.

According to the schedule, my number of annual vacation points could be exchanged for approximately $1,000 towards maintenance fees. After not being able to book any of the resorts I wanted during my first four years, I decided to use my annual points to pay the maintenance fees so that I wasn't completely wasting the points. When I tried to do so, however, I was told that I would receive $200 in return for all of my annual vacation points ($800 less than stated in the written terms of my ownership documents). In addition to being a breach of the terms of ownership and evidence of fraud and other claims, this was unconscionable.

Bluegreen pays $200 in return for 4 weeks worth of vacation points and then turns around and sells that resort time for $4,700 to $8,000 depending on resort (based on the nightly rates currently offered on travel sites as of today's date). That amounts to a markup of 2,250% to 3,900%. A business is lucky to sell a product at 100% of cost. Bluegreen sells resort time to to members at an unknown profit and then resells that very same time again at a two thousand percent or great markup when members don't use their time.

None of that outrageous profit is given to the member or even credited towards the members fees.

I am embarrassed that I fell for Bluegreen's deceptive practices but that stupidity doesn't make Bluegreen's actions any less deceptive or fraudulent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $23800.

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I bought the 99.00 for the 3 days and 2 nights. I have no intentions of purchasing at ALL.


How this actually work. I may be asking for a refund.


I got sucked into paying for a 2 night 3 day trial type thing where we go to the sales pitch and then get to enjoy the resort. But I noticed in the paperwork that we have to pay the room tax.

Does anyone know how much the room tax is?

I feel like we are going to get screwed by this room tax. We are hoping to go to Orlando, FL.


I believe we are in the same boat...we joined in November at minimum level. Went back in January for "update".

Prepaid $49 for weekend reservation. We went for update which was just another sales pitch rather than explaining how the points work which is what we were told. We were ignorant enough to up our points to Bronze level. We were told club and maintenance fees were waived for first year.

The online system was just updated the beginning of this week so I wanted to make some reservations. It wouldn't let me. Yesterday, we received an $850 bill for club/maintenance fees that have to be paid before you can make any reservations-locked out. We haven't even had a chance to use any points and we're being held hostage for club/maintenance fees that we were told was waived for first year.

Oh, and $49 weekend stay ended up being $300.

And, I, like you don't buy response from "seashell" person. I am an owner too.


Funny, so many people are so concerned on this Pissed Customer, I guess I shoulda figured that with the name.

We got Bluegreen almost 4 years ago, and just enjoyed another great vacation. My husband and I have traveled places we never would have otherwise, we took a cruise around Italy for heavens sake.It was more than I ever dreamed it could be. The first year we took our daughters and grandkids to Orlando for 8 days and it was so beautiful, no one could believe we could afford it.

I wanted to buy it from the start but the Mr. was plenty worried about it, and I'm so glad that little gal just stuck with us and all our questions.

Everything the people mention below is all confused. Its easy to make reservations and we always do everything last minute.

We are going on our third cruse this July - to Alaska.

We recommend Bluegreen to our family and friends. Just believe. Ask an owner, not one of these people here who got scared away. Happy Vacations.

@Seas*** Stella knows Bluegree