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I believe that after nearly 15 years of ownership I will speak up for a company my husband and I are vested with. I read some of the reviews first and it seems that the most negative ones are simply through lack of research on the part of those giving the review before purchasing.

When husband and I bought initially in Springdale MO, we received an excellent rate for what we now understand it to be. The first several years I was very disappointed mostly in myself for my lack of researching our investment.

But as time went on, I come to realize it wasn't a poor decision after all. Expensive yes, hard to understand too as many investments are. Yet, we held suit and now are glad we did. Bluegreen as held true to it's commitments thus far. Sure, often the owner updates are filled with farce and haughty young do good fellows who take no to mean anything but the word.

Yet, are we to blame the company for an employees behavior? No.

And are we to blame a company for scandal because we haven't liked what we've seen? Not necessarily. Report the person, report the specific location but don't blame and entire company. We have personally witnessed with our own eyes the expansions and improvements through the years.

We would sometimes talk ourselves out of traveling if we had to spend the money on hotel and resort stays so it's much better to simply think of this as an investment into travel for you, your family and/or friends. Once it's paid, it's paid and you have something to pass to another as well. Besides, if you pay the loan in increments, it's tax deductible interest on the loan. It simply is a second "home" mortgage investment.

It's so easy to blame an entire company for what a few represent it as. My greatest suggestion to anyone would be to really research it, know it, try it, give it time and enjoy the benefits as they expand through the years...

BCain from LA

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: Room, Listened to our concerns, Cleanliness.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Few by night resort choices.

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You might want to get an accountant's opinion on your "tax deductible status." A timeshare is NOT personal property. Additionally, I was in Charleston, SC in March and Atlantic City in April.

Both were full of Bluegreen touts offering money and freebies to tour their facilities. Bordering on harassment. Then I went to a Home Show in April. There were entry forms to win $4,500 in cash.

By signing, you give Bluegreen (and associates) the permission to call you regarding their promotions. Chances of winning the $4,500? 1 in 2,000,000. Printed on the form.

If their product is so good, why do they have to sell it so hard?

I'm glad you like your timeshare. But the majority of people on the internet do not.

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