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We just got back from Gatlinburg, and a 3 and a half hour Bluegreen Tour. This is the third and last time I'll waist my time listening to timeshare thieves. We were chosen out of the group for a special film presentation, and then after visiting a unit, we still had to sit at the dinky table with 50 other people crammed in the room shouting their sales pitch. I think they did a credit check when we first arrived, and decided to pounce on us. The joker who tried to sell us, was a dead give away. First off, during our conversation, he said his kids were devils, and his Mother In-law isn't allowed to come over to his house. Basically he is a real loser of a father and husband. I love my kids and will never keep their grandmother away. His wife sells for Fairfield and he claimed she hates working there and that Bluegreen is much better. So I ask him, is she being honest with people she sells to by not letting them compare Fairfield to Bluegreen? (You cant leave, go home and think about it and come back even the next day. It's buy it know or never!) He had no answer for that.

Finally after giving him hours of uninterrupted sales pitching, I gave him this scenario. I see a great house for sale but there's no price listed. The neighbor tells me he owns one like it and loves his, but you have to sit through a 90 minute talk to find out the details. I say O.K. and make an appointment. After finding out the price I want to go home and think about it, and shop around. Is that asking to much? (No it shouldn't be)

So while at Bluegreen during the 90 minute (about 200 minutes in) presentation I explain that I would never buy property without a legal representative looking it over to protect me. He tells me that because I've already done the "inspection" today, the great deal they've offered will be gone if I don't buy today. He then calls over the "sales manager" and he offers us a reduced package. Instead of $30K it's now only $20K. I kind of chuckled to myself. Then he went away and after talking to someone in a "back room" he offered us a package for $11,700. And then they offered us the Trial package. Which is basically give us $1,000 and we'll give you nothing. Pay for a full year, but the first 60 days are not available during porcessing, and June through August are blocked out. To make a long story short, he said, "What is keeping you from securing a lifetime of great vacations and savings for YOUR FAMILY". I said, "Its just that you won't let me have the time to read the fine print and look it over myself. I can't make a decision like this in this short amount of time with no professional advice." His final words were, "YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION TO NOT GIVE YOUR FAMILY the vacation they deserve." That's when he convinced me of what a total *** he is.

The good news is that we weren't ripped off by them, and the number we gave him, after he begged for something from us, was bogus. I also told him I wouldn't be comfortable giving out friends names and numbers, in order to snare them and pay for my membership fees. The "do not call" has all but eliminated their telemarketing so they ask you for names and numbers. He said it doesn't matter if your even know the people, "just look up name and numbers in the phone book, and give them to us." So its a bonus package, you get thousands of vacation points you cant' use, and you become a secret telemarketer."

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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its your third time there. whats to think about?


apparently the 100 dollars is worth wasting your vacation and the salespersons time. admit your greedy and move on.


Yep, I'm a deadbeat--and you are indeed a LOSER. Because you just paid for all my free gifts and money, and I didn't get roped into the Bluegreen scam!


The reason you have to purchase that day is because of deadbeats who abuse the system.

Let me run a similar deal.

You own a company that gives mooches free gifts and money EVERY DAY 365.

You get no sales, you go broke. Just like you, or you too would be a happy owner like me!

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