We have been owners for 10 years at the silver level and have never had a bad experience at any of the resorts other than the high pressure sales pitch that is guaranteed if you do an owner update, which is not required. I fully understand the perception by many of the complainers that Bluegreen lied to them to get them to buy (and maybe they did?), but our experience has been that the sales people talk so fast that it is near impossible to grasp all that they are saying, and failing memories after the fact tend to complicate that problem.

Recommendation: DEMAND that they talk more slowly, and do NOT let them intimidate you into feeling *** because you need to write down numbers and other data in order to make sure you are understanding the offer.

We tend to be late planners, so it has sometimes been difficult to get exactly what we wanted, but I suspect that if we planned 13 months out like we are suppose to, that would not be the case. Without exception, every single Bluegreen facility we have stayed in has been clean, well decorated, and everything has worked that was suppose to work. Of the RCIs we have stayed in, only one was sub-par, but we got by OK anyway.

One does have to wonder if the $22,000 initial investment, plus the annual $1400 in maintenance fees is really worth it, but after staying in places like this for 10 years, it is a real downer when we have to stay in a hotel.

It is my understanding that non-owners have to pay something like $250 a night for some of these resorts. We pay nothing, and will someday be able to pass our ownership to our offspring, or sell it.

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JMHO your math is not accurate as you are assuming that package only gets one week. In my experience that type of package is more like 3 weeks of vacation, so you should divide your $1400 fee by 21 nights not 7.

This would work out to more like $67 per night( the cost of a trash heap in most vacation destinations). If you include the purchase price of $22,000 over 30 years add another 35$ per night.

Please don't contribute to the misinformation that if given by people who dont understand the product. We love our Bluegreen for many of the same reasons as the above poster and I can assure you that I have gotten my value out of it.


As an owner as well the maintenance fees are well justified. You try going and staying in Aruba and tell me what you end up paying out of pocket for a night!?

My family stayed in a 3 bdrm ocean villa in Aruba that normally costs $800 a night x by 7 days that trip is over $5,600. The negative reviews on this product are dumb, just because you people dont know how to use the product to the fullest doesnt mean it cant save you money.


It is not 'free'. You are paying $200/night for a week when you take into consideration your $1400 annual dues.

If you add your $22,000 purchase price into it, that comes to $733/year for 30 years of use. So now your week is costing you $2133/year for a price of $304/day. Seems to me you'd be better off just paying out of pocket.

Timeshares do save you money when the price per night of the resort is over $400.

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