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Employee said we'd have a choice between several resorts, and full access to the one we chose. We weren't given the opportunity to read the contract, which says you're only allowed in the resort for the tour. He said we'd get a room in the resort and have unlimited access to all of it's amenities. There was no possibility my husband and I misunderstood this. We shouldn't have signed.

Anyone that replies to this in defense of this company, you're wrong. Get over it. I consider you to be working with the Evil of this world. Congratulations.

We were told we'd get copies of the contract, etc. Didn't. Anyone to do business with this company; Be forewarned. You will be lied to. Blatantly.

Simple math, people. Work with these people, you will be screwed. Good day.

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Lets pool some cash and put a BILLBOARD on the highway to Branson ( something legal, but damning to Bluegreen----maybe we can make them squeeel

Houston, Texas, United States #796403

We plan some times 1 year ahead of time, no complains at all , we just love it, we look for it, we been in several resorts, we just had back from the resort en Peoria Arizona . By end of the month we going to New Orleans..


I agree with Heather .DEATH,DIVORCE,OR BEING BROKE is not as bad as dealing with BLUE GREEN.17 YEARS NOW.


I do want to apologize, first and foremost, for the experience that you have had with this company. A good rep, am honest rep, which there are many, would have told you that the differences between a hotel stay and a resort stay.

In many walks of life, you get what you pay for. While the resort stays are still a phenomenal price, they are more expensive. Some stays being several hundred more depending on time spent and destination desired. I have both consumer and employee experience with Bluegreen and I have to say, I have lived every moment.

My boss is an incredible person, and that makes me so happy to go to work everyday. I get to give people amazon vacations who would not otherwise get a chance and help families create memories. I am so sorry that you got a bad apple out of the bunch. Please, do not push that onto everyone else.

It is an undeserved discrimination. If you were to hate every person of one race due to one bad experience with one person of that race that is racism. Please do consider the words you use and the way you treat others. If you have children you are teaching to look at the world with a judging eye.

If you look for the good in others you will it, if you focus on the bad that is all you will ever see. Sadly, that is what the world will be to you. I sell many of these of these vacations and I do not lie to my customers, they always know what they pay for. Please, treat others with respect and kindness.

No, you will not always receive it in return when you should however, you help now the world a brighter more humane place.

Treat everyone strangers included with the kindness you hope they will treat you with. Thank you and may God bless you with a beautiful life ahead.

to jbs #1020618

GUILT BY association ---just because you can do a thing doesn't mean you should do a thing. YOU know these super salesman are selling timeshares to people that don't need them, and you know you can't sell them, maybe 15% of what you paid if at all. Yea--you know this and this makes you just as guilty---live with it--GOD will explain it to YOU


Target man ... you are awful but I do like you



simple maths dear go for the cheap option but dont expect to get the best.

If you read it does tell you what you will get

I have read it so I know

You my dear are wrong you know nothing about the Bluegreen vacation Club yet you slag it off maybe you are the evil one (I wonder if you have 666 on the side of your head lol)

grow up and learn

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