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My husband and I attended a bluegreen tour and presentation as a favor to friends who are already members (new members). We were horrified after this experience, sick in our stomachs, and entirely ticked off.

We felt that the representatives in Hershey PA were dripping with sweetness and the tendency to fish from you all of the private information you can give them, in order to form a bond, dazzle you, make you believe you can afford things you can't, and then, when you tell them no, they become totally different people and use any information you were not careful enough to guard against you in the final moments of the pitch. They did not tell us about maintenance fees, taxes, etc, until the very end of a 3 HOUR PRESENTATION!. I believe the reason our presentation lasted so long is because we gave them so much trouble, asked so many careful questions, basically gave them a run for their money. But we looked interested enough for them to continue.

They kept asking the quesiton..."if this were affordable, would you be interested." Our answer was yes...based on what they were telling us, we would have been. But we sensed it was all too good to be true. When it came down to it, we refused to agree to pay a down-payment, taxes or fees, and to see the necessity of such payments. They were so ticked at us and kept repeating that this was our mistake, not theirs.

We were promised a 50 dollar visa gift card, and they were so reluctant to give it to us. Our friends who we visited with were trying to get us out of the room because our presentation had lasted too long, and these two "bouncer" type guys attempted to separate us in the hallway. Our joke was that Gene Hackman would probably be awaiting us in the room (those of you who have seen The Firm will understand). It was freaky, weird, strange.

I am so thankful that my husband and I got away!

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Blue Green Sucks! :p

We were dumb enough to buy into Bluegreen in 2003. We went on a few vacations but was able to "get out" this year (2009) when we sold it through Pinnacle at a substantial loss. It felt good to get out from under the obligation of a lifetime of maintenance and membership fees.


In Pa, there is a lawsuit being filed against Bluegreen. I am not sure of all the details. However, I believe that it has to do with their sales approach.

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #43506

Nobody robbed anybody , Mind you your little arsehole of a hubby is in a rip off job so I can see that some of it has rubbed of on you.

So please dont call anybody names just because the truth hurts.

They sign all the paperwork saying they understand it and for most of the 160.000 owners they do KNow what they have signed

Have a nice day and I will think of you (not) when I am enjoying my Bluegreen vacations, of which there will be many


I really wish there was something I could do to help all of the people who have been victimized by Bluegreen. My husband is an attorney and I'm sure that I could talk him into taking a look at the paperwork (no charge of course, you have been robbed blind already!) Maybe he can find a legal loop-hole in the contract or something of that sort.

I'm not sure though. At least he can advise you on what to do. This is not his area of expertise so he wouldn't be able to take on the case or anything. But, at best he could probably give some free advice that would save you all some $$$.

I know that even a consultation is usually a fortune and they NEVER make any promises as to the outcome.

Let me know if you need help and I will do the best I can for anyone. I heard mention of a class action lawsuit on and Check it out because the longer you hold onto this mess the more money you will lose (dues went up again- what a shock!!)


Why hello little Pippin,

Sorry, I have no remorse for anything. I did nothing wrong here.

So, take your head out of your a** and pay VERY close attention. Consumers are being ripped-off left and right by these "scumbags". They buy a bunch of useless "points" that they can't seem to figure out how to use so, essentially, they are worth nothing. Instead of posting *** comments why don't you try to help some of them?

And why did you say that I should be ashamed of myself?? Hello, I did absolutely NOTHING wrong except I beat them at their own game! I wasn't TEMPTED at all. I purposely went there to play them for everything I could get.

(just a little payback for everyone that they have victimized so deeply). Also, I do plenty for charity. I volunteer extensively at my local YMCA. Not that you would know anything about that you are too busy posting useless B.S.

and making a total fool of yourself. So, why don't you get a life little Pippin and while you're at it- Learn to write with some semblence of intelligence.

Re-read your last post. You are an ***!!

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #41926


Its a bit like the kettle calling the pan black.

Since you have such strong feelings that you were going to be ripped off why did you principles allow you to take the "free"gifts

You are just as bad as the salesman and you should be ashamed that you fell into such temptation.

I hope you will show remorse and give the money you "saved" by using these gifts to the needy and prey that God will forgive you for your sin


I went to a presentation recently (me and my husband). They were so, so very kind and accomodating at the begining.

However, when we firmly told them that we would have to carefully consider a purchase of this magnitude and we needed more time to think-everything changed, not for the better either. The salesman became quite irritated and told us that we might as well just say no because after giving out over 25,000 business cards-he has NEVER gotten ONE return customer willing to buy!! What does that tell you? It says to me that when someone is pressuring you so aggressively to make a decision of that magnitude in just a few minutes, they DO NOT have your best interests at heart.

At Bluegreen it is all about their bottom line. They don't give a *** about you, your family, your parents etc.. etc.. But in the begining that's the way they try to make you feel in a weak attempt to gain your trust- then they move in for the kill!

So if you are not a willing participant in their scam by REFUSING to allow yourselves to be RIPPED-OFF, pure anger and disgust begin to rear their ugly face. *Added note- to those of you who were ripped-off- I left the office that day with an arm full of free gifts that I've used to the max.(they were reluctant to give them to me but, I had it in writing what was promised to me ahead of time and out the door I went) I hope this helps make you feel a little better.

Sorry for your losses. God Bless

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #40088

sell it on ebay for 20 cents a point or thro pinnacle for 30 to 50 cents a point.

or better still use it !!


A word from the wise (or previously ***!) - STAY AWAY FROM BLUEGREEN! What they tell you during their salespitch presentation, is nothing but lies!!

We were suckered in a few years ago.

I wish I could get rid of it!! If anyone knows how to get rid of this timeshare - PLEASE fill me in!!

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #39292


hope you like what you have bought , please join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo for lots more info

We went to a blue green presentation and we were very please at how nice and genuine the salesman was. The guy who came over at the end to do the actual bottom line numbers was a little pushy.

But hey its there job and this is how they put food on their table. We ended up buy the sampler package to try it out.

Our first Vacay is in October. I hope it goes well :)

I was excited about checking out BlueGreen in Charleston this past weekend. We had agreed to a 90-120 minutes presentation.

It took over 3 hours and we kept catching the lady in several discrepancies.

After going through the entire spiel, we got up to leave after informing them that we did not have the money upfront to make a down payment and lo and behold if an "Inventory Specialist" didn't try to come over and talk us into a sampler plan. I will never, never, ever try this again.


my husband and i felt the exact same way you and your husband felt. Nice in the beginning, asking questions, being concerned and then bam!

their extremley rude when you say no.

Our lady kept using our baby as an example of budgeting. I was sick to my stomach when i finally got out of there 3 and half hours later.

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