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Was pressured into buying a Sampler Package 24 through Bluegreen, no problem, thought we could use it more than we could. Problem is we wanted to use our points for a couple we know, so we contacted the resort, they said no problem.

Well it's Sunday, the resort calls us and now I have to drive 2.5 hrs. to register and let them stay. Because we are "not owners". What in the *** did we just pay over $2,600.00 if we are not "owners".

Spoke to a "Representative" of the company who jacked me around for thirty minutes about how they "value" my business.

What they value is the bottom dollar. Guy was an ***!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Go to timesharetricks.blogspot.com there is a lot of useful info and the guy who runs it might be able to help you. :upset

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