Anaheim, California
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Checkout what the Better Business Bureau has to say about them at

Company Rating F

Our opinion of what this rating means:

We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

Buyer beware - they hurry you to make a decision and they constantly have their hand out for more money (maint. fees go up and up or they want you to sit through another sales presentation everytime you use it. You can never use it when you want to either)

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I think if you do get round to reading what they gave you it does say you will not be staying at the resort but in a hotel, well that is what was on ours last Sept.

We did not pay the extra to stay at the resort


It all started on a trip to Bass Pro Shops in Portage, IN. We were approached by a young lady offering this fantastic deal of staying at Christmas Mountain for a mere $99 plus additional fee for the fifth child.

She showed us pictures of the villas that looked great. My wife kept asking "This is where we would be staying?" She assured us over and over again. I asked what the catch was and she said you would have to sit through a short, 2 hour presentation about Bluegreen timeshares. Well we did it.

When I called to book the stay, every question I asked I was given a vague answer. Questions such as, what am I going to have to pay when I arrive? Response, well taxes are different every where so I can't tell you for sure. Can you give me the cabin number, address?

You will be sent a confirmation letter in the mail with the information. Confirmation letter came and it said to check in at the Christmas Mountain Welcome Center. Ok, so we are staying at Christmas Mountain, right? Wrong!!!!

You're staying at the Hotel Rome. What???? I will admit, the hotel was nothing worth mentioning, however, by staying there we got free passes to the indoor water park and indoor theme park. The room they gave us for five people included two double beds, that's it.

Rollaway bed would be an additional $10 a night. Also, those fees and charges I asked about when I booked it, found out I owed an additional resort fee of $10 a night, plus an additional fee of $20 a night for the fifth person. The $20 did get an additional waterpark pass, but no bed, who needs to sleep anyway? The presentation was high pressure even though they tell you they're not being high pressure.

We got there at 11:45 and were finally allowed to leave at 3:30 after saying no countess times. Two hours, not quite. When I explained to them the situation, they acted stunned, and said, all the conversations at taped on the phone. Where I was lied to mostly was at the Bass Pro Shops store not over the phone.

Did we have fun at the water park? Yes. Did the kids have a fun weekend trip? Yes.

Did we sleep well? No.

Had I known what the trip involved upfront would I do it again? No, I guess that's why they're not upfront with you, nobody would sign up for it.


I don't know what everyone is talking about!

We have owned Bluegreen thru Big Cedar in Ridgedale near Branson for 5 years and love it. We only use our points at Big Cedar, which is an outstanding, upscale property..."Ritz in the Woods".

We bought our points at Big Cedar so that is our home property.

I just want to say that we are very happy and don't believe everything you see on the internet. We are gold owners and are flexible with our time, and never have trouble getting in when we want.

Tripoli, Wisconsin, United States #206696

On June 2, 2010 the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection reached a settlement with BlueGreen Corporation that addresses complaints about the company's alleged use of deceptive 'contests,' misleading sales presentations and improper contracts in the marketing and sale of timeshare vacation packages in Pennsylvania. The agreement, known as a Consent Decree, resolves a consumer protection lawsuit filed in October 2008 against BlueGreen Corporation, BlueGreen Resorts, BlueGreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations, Inc., all of Boca Raton, Florida.


MF - where did you go to school? did you even learn how to spell?

If you work for Bluegreen, PLEASE take a remedial grammar course!

There are just too many complaints out there; I was considering a Bluegreen investment but after just even cursory research on the internet it's just too sketchy an investment. Sorry--Shenandoah Crossing seemed so nice.


You question the copany's reliability. With over 200.000 many people are happy with the service.

If they were not in compliance with the laws they would loose thier real estate license.

All time share representitive are licensed by the real estate commission and therefor must comply with state law.

If you have a complaint contact the commission to see which law has been violated.

Until then stop your whining

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