Little Rock, Arkansas

Deception is the key for this firm. I signed up to view the property at a golf tournament in TN.

The sales rep led me to believe we would be staying the resort for $99. I would receive $75 in rebates just to listen to the presentation. I informed the sales rep that I, my wife and my two teenage children would go to the resort. It turned out only one room was reserved for my family of four in a cramp hotel room, but for $100 I could upgrade and stay at the Bluegreen Resort " Mountain Loft".

The $99 vacation now cost me $199. Due to the presentation that took 2hours, 30 mins, plus another 2 hours to sign contracts and view "additional benefits", the vacation time turned out to be about 8 hours. There is no pressure in the sale overtly but, they'll find any way to get you to commit to the vacation club. I recommend reading the Pennsylvania AG's consent decree.

I had 10 days to terminate the agreement and sent the appropriate letter to the corporate headquarters with return receipt. The notification was received by the firm on August 09, 2012. I called August 28, 2012, to get the status of my refund and was told I failed to return the owner's kit.

I wasn't aware the kit needed to be returned and since BlueGreen had my phone number and e-mail address it just confirmed for me that BG is a shoddy, disreputable firm. Consumers beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $2234.

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I'm a Bluegreen owner who has also not found them to be of the value expected. Lots of fluff and showmanship, followed up with little detail and so-so resort properties.

I gave them a big MEH until I see they raised maintenance fees to be one of the largest annual payments I make for anything I own or invest in. Yuck.


Hey, UK, that's classy to use my handle in your rather impolite response. You stated that you do not work for Bluegreen.

However, it is possible to receive money from them without being an EMPLOYEE of the company. You could be a consultant, or you can have money paid to you through another company. I was asking respectfully, so please give a straight answer.

Do you receive any kind of remuneration, directly, or indirectly, from Bluegreen (or an affiliated company)? A simple yes or no will do.


is it any wonder people like you are called *** . How many times do you lot have to be told that I do not work for Bluegreen.

I have to laugh that because I am a happy owner then I must work for them.

What are you lot afraid of? ..... afraid of finding out you are wrong and its not a scam, afraid that you will have to go cap in hand and say you were wrong..... no you will never do that will you?

If you think that Bluegreen pay me then you must be so unsure of yourself, but if it makes you happy to think that all happy owners work for them so be.

If you cant bear to think that you got it wrong then I feel sad for you.

yet again I have to tell you that I work for a plc here in the UK and the only conection with Bluegreen is that we do use Blue and Green dyes and pigments along with red black brown and orange.


Well, UK, maybe the better question is whether or not you receive any remuneration, direct or indirect, from Bluegreen.


as an owner for 8 yrs I can tell you it has bee worth far more than we paid for it, but if you knew how to use it you would agree.

and no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I do not work for bg


As a owner of this for 5 years now I can honestly say Bluegreen is not worth it what we paid at all


Freaking UK i believe you do wrk for them!!!!


We are owners and have been for over 10 years and when ever we go to a resort we are invited to an update meeting and we do feel that these are a little heavy on content but with any investment you need to keep updated. Our ownership has been well used and our kids have used many sites over the years.

This year alone we have used 3 different properties.

Great properties and accommodations. 8) We have done other timeshare deals or offerings like the one you bought and NONE have put us up on the property so I think your expectations were way to high.


sorry but you expected to stay on resort for $99 come on read what it says and it does state that you will be at a partner hotel , yes upgrade and you can stay on resort.

You cancelled your contract with BG but did not return everything then you complain they did not contact you to return it ,again come on the responsibilty was yours since you accepted the pack then asked for your money back.

It is far from being a shoddy firm , you my friend just wanted a cheap holiday well nothing in life is free , the cost of this holiday was your presentation so dont complain . If you didnt like sitting there then you should have dug a little deeper into your pocket and paid for a hotel room/suite yourself in the first place.

Before anybody starts I do not work for Bluegreen.

The answer is if you go to a presentation for a timeshare then expect to sit through the presentation since that is what you signed up for not a free holiday you cheapskates.

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