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We agree with about every negative thing that we have read and heard about Bluegreen!! Very typical excuses for not being able to offer their service are - did not call far enough ahead of time, not available on those dates requested (some dates were in very off season times), and the list goes on and on.

Also, no buy back (we were told that they would), and the list of complaints on different websites is almost just too numerous to believe but we do as we know first hand. They are just a total pack of liars and scammers! We fell for this scam four years ago and have been able to receive no benefit like they promised.

We would be happy to join in with others in a hopeful class action lawsuit. Due to health problems we have not been able to do much but would really like the opportunity. But of course, even if the AG or a suit was to shut them down, millions have already been scammed that will never be returned.

Any ideas please email to

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averagejoe the king of cut and paste


I have read about 50 BlueGreen complaints and the user called UK ends up commenting on almost all of these complaints. You know, it seem that UK likes to say that he is not a representative of BlueGreen.

I actually believe him. Only because BlueGreen makes a point of hiring people who gives their a positive image. UK certainly doesn't do that. UK likes to insult people and give them advice at the same time.

If he had any since, He could say something nice and offer good advice. Instead, he insults and then tells you to go to Yahoo to find information on how to use Bluegreen points. Why would anyone listen to him after he laughs at you and calls you a fool.

If UK is a BlueGreen employee, then it is easy to see the contempt that he feels for their consumers. If he is not an employee of BlueGreen, then he has waaaayyy to much time on his hands.


Look, as a timeshare owner at BG, and a former RCI owner I can say, do NOT buy timeshare units/points/whatever.

If you want to go to a "presentation" to get a low cost vacation, go right ahead. But be prepared to hold your ground, say no, and LEAVE after 90 minutes. Do NOT give them your credit card numbers once you have begun your promotional vacation or you could well find they take far more than expected.

We bought from them, paid over $10,000 and in ten years have not ONCE been able to get into one of the lovely units they hyped. Just the mediocre ones. You will never have enough points, it will always be "high season", or you didn't reserve far enough in advance.

They don't tell you how many units they actually make available to the public for full price while you are unable to get in with your points.

Then, you have to pay yearly maintenance fees that seem to go up every year. And with RCI, we had one on the beach, only got to stay there once in ten years, the maintenance fees almost doubled and then Hurricane Rita hit and damaged the resort severely and ooops! they didn't have enough coverage so they announced they were going to have to recoup the cost in higher maintenance fees.

We said screw it, we are DONE. Refused to pay any fees, got threatening letters, still refused to pay, they took legal action and we said we were NOT sinking one more thin dime into this disaster, that it was a nice place but for one stay it wasn't worth the $11,000. Not one thin dime. Told them they could have the *** thing. We'd chalk it up to experience. Offered them Deed in lieu of Foreclosure. Their attorney said OK, and sent us the papers and a fee for $65 to file. We sent the papers back, signed, but without the fee. It got filed and got done. I guess they realized we meant it.

Bluegreen hasnt been quite that bad, yet, but we have no qualms about stiffing them on these "presentation" vacations. They've taken our money and not let us in to the resort we paid so much for, at least not the nice units. So go for it, but cover yourself financially and if you have to give them a card number, reporting the card as lost as soon as vacation is over is a very good idea so they can't take out any "extras".


MyAngel, who gives you the right to "shut down" Bluegreen and ruin vacations for many many happy owners. If you just took the time to learn how to use what you bought then you would reap the benefit but untill you do this small thing don't go blaiming somebody elese

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