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I became a member of Bluegreen in September and since have figured out we got ripped off. I have been trying to use my POINTS but I never have enough.

Now I have to pay my maintenance fees and I won't even get to stay at a resort.....what a bogus company. I would gladly join a class action lawsuit.

I tried calling the corporate headquarters and the sales guy gave me some tips on how to use my plan. I tried it and now I have to pay $169 for the change I's crazy. I am paying $130.00 a month and getting nothing in return.

I could apply that to my daughters school tuition but instead it goes into the pockets of crooks.....

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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I know what you are saying I got ripped off too. The sad part is there is no way to get out of this without losing a lot of money


I bought time share with Blue Green 3 years ago and been trying to get rid of it as soon as I found out I did not get what they said I bought. Every time I asked questions during the 10 day grace period they keep, side stepping it and saying OH by the way you also have this encluded.

It was over a year before my question was answered and it was by someone who worked for another time share company. I am unable to stay where I request. All they want to do is trying and sell me more time. I spoke with costumer service and basically was told they do not buy time share, just sell them.

Than all of a sudden my phone is ringing of the hook by companies wanting me to pay them $500-$1000 to market my time share for sale. I have checked into many of these companies and I have not read anything good about them. They want big money up front and have a so called guarantee, that know one can seem to collect and they make 6% off the sale ontop of the starting fee. They think they got crooks on Wall street!

I am already paying maintenance fees that cost more than staying at a nice motel for a week every year. I am sure Blue Green buys back the same condos they sold earlier for 25-50% less than what they sold it for and sell it again for even more the 2nd and 3rd time.

It is a big rip-off. I tell every one I can about my experience with them.

Mars, Pennsylvania, United States #8174

I have been a Bluegreen owner since 2002. As time has passed, I have purchased more points. This allows me enough points to use any of their resorts. I am a happy owner. I have joined to learn how to better use Bluegreen, and my points on their resorts.

There are ways of renting additional points for higher value trips, or buying points at a much lower rate.

Don't give up on Bluegreen until you have talked to other owners. Find out more about using the BG system. Once you do, you will be happier. It worked for me, I’m sure it will work for you.

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