Ledyard, Connecticut

I was suckered in to timeshare purchase being told vacation was 1400 points week when in essence it was a day.Luckily I read contract and you have 10 days to void the contract. I cancelled on June 2 2008 and still awaiting deposit refund but they did tell me contract is cancelled.

Hope this helps someone. My initial hotel stay was also very *** .Toilet stopped up the first time we used it and motel gave us a plunger to fix,a/c only worked on and off, and light was blown. This was the red roof inn at Gatlinburg. bluegreen reps said they would make it right and of course they didn't.

Their salespeople lie to sell you and they will not tell you about cancelation period of contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Thanks for the info. I'm glad to know that there is a 10 days grace period to cancel the contract.


:cry :sigh :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :) :grin 8) 8) :p 8) :? :( :x


We just wanted a small simple package because we do not have much vacation time. We are treated like 3rd class clients.

The rep who dealt with us told us our old timeshare points have gone up in value and we had a significant amount of equity in our existing property in Orlando, Florida. He told us he paid off our old mortgage and issued us a lower payment for more points because of the gained equity. We were so excited, agreed and signed. However, the HUD papers were not presented to us during the deal nor did we have to sign them.

They were slipped into our packet of documents. We NEVER saw these numbers during any part of the deal. They showed that he did not pay off our old mortgage instead gave us less than value and added an additional payment onto our already existing monthly payment. I wonder if Bluegreen knows snakes like this are representing them?

He def gives Bluegreen a bad reputation. When we discovered these papers which disputed everything we just agreed on we called to cancel per our rights. Eventhough the law says we can hand deliver the cancellation, the developer whose signature was on the papers was not present during our signing.

No one could tell us who he was. We had to send it certified mail.


I canceled my contract with bluegreen the very next day after sighning my contract. Reading so many poor and scary reviews made it clear to me.

Too bad I didn't know before hand.

Will I receive a FULL reimbursement of my downpayment? Is there somthing I could of forgotten to include in my certifed letter??


I have been looking over the MANY complaints on this site, and I am appalled at the hatefulness of so many Bluegreen owners. I think all of you are fools for making an impulsive decision after a high-pressure sales pitch--maybe you have been lucky, or perhaps you are just too embarrassed to admit it.

I, for one, am pleased that my family and I didn't sign up. Yes, we enjoyed free amusement park passes and vacations at Bluegreen's expense--and yours, Bluegreen "owners"!


I didn't get out in time and should have known better. I was hopeful.

I've never been able to use it. I told the salesperson I was on my way to Hawaii and only wanted to buy if I could use it in 2 weeks.

They lied and just small vacations, I have not been able to obtain any reservations. There should a law against this.

La Salle, Manitoba, Canada #22266

We also cancelled our Bluegreen contract and are awaiting the refund of our downpayment. Even though Bluegreen received our cancellation letter three days after contract signature, the administrative cancellation process did not officially take place until 13 days after they received our letter. We were advised that cancellations are issued a scheduled date. In our case, we were scheduled for cancellation processing approx. 2-weeks after their receipt of our letter. We called again 12 days later (after our scheduled processing date) and were advised that the refund can take as long as 30 to 45 days from date of processing (not the date of receipt). In our case, with a two week backlog to process cancellations, it could take as long as 57 days to receive a refund. When asked the reasons for the delay in refund processing, we were advised that it needed to go through multiple stages (i.e. the Resort and several internal offices). We attempted to cancel in person the following day at the presentation site; but were told that everything had to be processed via their headquarters office in Boca Raton, FL ... even though the contract and supporting documents had not yet been mailed to Boca Raton.

Just seems to us that Bluegreen could show the same level of diligence and enthusiasm in processing refunds as they demonstrate in making the deal.

We are so fortunate that we had the time after the presentation that evening to digest the "how-to" rules and procedures of the program. After closer review, we realized that the process of booking reservations, accessing the RCI hotel network, etc... did not really meet our particular traveling habits, expectation for guarantees and comfort factor. In theory, the program sounded great; and for many travelers it may deliver on their expectations. However, for us we found that it did not offer the level of flexibility and guarantees that we have come to expect when traveling.

For those who are considering attending a presentation; be sure to request "private time" to review the program rules and procedures, the Resort point charges per night, and the RCI program outlined in the first few sections of the large Resort Binder. We were not provided this Binder until after we signed the contract. Ask to see the "Binder" in advance and plan at least an additional hour of private review time "before" signing.

Mezzolombardo, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy #21192

Blue Green is by far the biggest rip off I have ever seen but I did'nt read that fine print and was swindled by the nice sales lady that was a school teacher and just loved her time at blue green. she probably was never a retired teacher unless it was at scam school. dirty cheats they are

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #19832


I am not a salesperson but a textile colourist

why are you complaining if you had to pay "the $69" for half your trip then you only have a few points and therefore not enough for a full week at the resort you wanted to go, you cant expect Bluegreen to pick up the blaim because you did not have enough points and then shout "scam"

And as for the porkie pies my MF have not gone up over $400

if you had 8000 points your MF would have been $554

so come on lets have the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and not be a stranger to the truth

Warne, North Carolina, United States #19157

you made the right decision. the sales people lie.

its probably a salesperson that wrote that other comment. its the biggest scam ever. i have only used my timeshare once since i brought it 4 years ago. and even that time i had to pay the extra $69 per night for half my trip.

there is never availability. they told me my points would be good whenever and now apparantley they changed their policy just like that. and my maintance dues have gone up by over $400! im tired of paying for something i don't use.

and rci hardly has anything either when i want to trade and when they do i end up paying more money. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! be glad you got out of it.

I wish that I had cancelled within 10 days, it took me a little longer to realize it. Now I'm trying to sell.

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #18028

you should have looked at points table at presentaion you sign the contract you initaled the little boxes say you understood what you had signed for

the problem you have noew is you have just lost some of the best vacation to be had well thats your loss not mine

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