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Buyer Beware!!! This is an absolute SCAM.

I purchased seven months ago and have huge regrets. Everytime you try to book one of the resorts they are always booked. I personally don't believe it, but if this is the case then they have oversold the resorts which is illegal.

If anyone knows of any class action suit, or would like to share ideas on going after these *** artist for fraud please e-mail me at I'm not going to stop until I get my money back and they are exposed for who they really are, criminals.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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if it is such a scam why did you buy a sampler package just 2 days ago .

All the timeshare presentations I have been to always run your ss number, it is standard practise.

If you did not wish them to use it why did you give it to them in the first instance, ( .... because you already know without it you could not have bought the sample package) if they are such disgusting pigs why did you buy , it seems that you do not really know what you are doing


Everything about Bluegreen is a scam. Purchased the "Sampler Pack" 2 days ago with cash.

They said they need my social security number so that if in the future I wanted to purchase a a larger package they could run my credit. I specifically told them do not run my credit I am in the middle of purchasing a home. I have credit alerts set up so I get an instant email if someone runs my credit. Although they promised not to run they did.

Liars ALL OF THEM. They are disgusting pigs running around trying to take peoples money and wil lie and tll you anything you want to hear to get their hands on your money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BLUEGREEN. Please help me in my mission to spread the work about BLUEGREEN.

So glad I did not spend more with them. COMPLETE SCAM.


Spoke with a financial advisor!!! Timeshares are a LEGAL SCAM!!!

Ask someone at your bank! I was scamed by Bluegreen.. Caught them in several lies, too late. We tried to sell.

Absolutely impossible!!! We were scammed by the people trying to sell it for us for $2,500. We never got it sold and we never got back our money!!! I woke up too late!!!

It's foreclosed and their is nothing I can do about it! So, TO ALL WHO READ THIS....Save your money and go on a vacation when you can!

But don't ever, never buy into a timeshare of any kind!! You will regret it.


please buy my points at .25 on the dollar

with what u pay in maintenance fees and dues you can stay somewhere very nice every year. and thats after you finally pay for the ***


Vrang we will have to stop meeting like this darling people will start talking and I have my reputation to think about.

I have to confess and break down in tears I am one of thos BG owners who as never had a problem in making my reservations and I soooooo love The Fountains.

Alas my dear vrang I doubt we shall ever meet since i use my vacation time at all those wonderful Bluegreen Resorts and you my darling well who knows (and quite frankly who cares) oooh so sorry for that my darling it was uncalled for.

anyway untill we meet again xxxxx


PS Teja, since BG does not give you a cancellation form at the closing, but only a vague list of instructions, your are not bound to the few days to cancel that the state you bought in requires. According to Federal law, if they do not explicitly provide a form for cancellation, you have THREE YEARS to cancel the deal. Go for it.


I think that BG employees answer these complaints with lies. ;-) That is especially apparent since each complaint seems to be disputed by a supposed "owner" the very day it is posted, and no other comments appear afterward.

If it smells like a fish, its fishy. LOL


first of all it is not a scam you just need to learn how to use it

It is not oversold and never can be, since your points a backed by a deed at resort, week,unit number and is held in trust by BGVC, Members of BGVC have the right of usage

I have never had a problem in booking a resort and have been an owner for 7 years, we always travel in the summer months which is peak season. We have been to Florida many many times, SC twice,Aruba twice Hawaii Las Vergas twice and by using select connections Nappa and LA. All these reservations made without a problem and most have been over a 3 to 4 week period and back to back reservtion.

You need to find out how to get the most out of your ownership instead of moaning calling it a scam.

The Fountains alone has well over 28000 7 day intervals and since most only stay a few days you can more or less double that availabilty and that is just 1 resort.

Put work into how to use it and enjoy your vacations, If you dont know how to use it then whos fault is that, put the leg work in and find out its not that difficult.

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