Stockton, California
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Bluegreen Corp. is a scam.

They recieved an F rating and is not established with the BBB. They will take your money.The rooms you go to during the seminar, are not the rooms you purchase on the fake mortgage. Plus they are always booked.

they have been booked for 4 months. I called the hotel directly and they said that they had rooms, but standard one bedroom motel style rooms.The upgraded rooms are for show purposes only.

We purchased this last July, and they were taking the payments from my bank account, but all of a sudden , they stopped in January, and then said were were behind in payments, i called to arrainge a payment plan, but they did never call me back.

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I have the same problem you have. They control when and where you can stay.

I've tried to book vacations up to 8 mos. in advance but no availabilty. I then started checking holiday weeks and I dare you to find a place available during these times.

They must be set aside for the owners and employess. I've written a letter to the BBB already and will write to the BBB's in every state they have property.

No Timeshare

You can get out of your Bluegreen contract and your money back without being scammed out of a lot of money, visit then email me

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