Bluegreen made a lot of upfront statements. First, we were given the impression that we would be staying at the actual resort.

Instead, we are in a supposed condo where we cannot adjust the thermostat to comfortable temperatures. Second, they claimed the presentation would only last 1-1/2 hours and that there would be no high pressure sales. Both were blatant lies. The interest rate for a purchase is 16.99%, but they claim you can refinance.

No reputable bank will touch a timeshare loan. There are points for Bluegreen for sale on ebay because they do not buy back properties as they claim and because the properties cannot be resold because people don't want to buy them.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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We purchased on Nov 13, came home and read the fine print, decided to cancel. We had five days to cancel.

Wrote a letter and sent it certified mail on the 18th. Hope all goes well.

to Frank #745736

You did the right thing. As long as you followed their mailing procedures to the letter you should be fine.

They may try to call you to talk you out of it. DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!!

And do not call them to see what's up with your refund as they will try to talk you out of rescinding. Be sure to keep your certified mail paperwork as proof that you sent n that cancellation letter.

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