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Bluegreen is an amazing company!! I have owned a relatively small package 6000 points and I have ALWAYS been able to book wherever I wanted to go.

We have traveled extensively with the program and there is no way we would have been able to travel that much without membership!!!

Dont like to bitter individuals who love to complain about everything!!!!!!Some people will try to find everything and anything to complain about...they deserve to stay in the MOTEL 6!!! At Bluegreen you get 5 star resorts for LIFE!!!!I would encourage everyone to buy a package and start living life better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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you just dont get it to you darling.

Just because you are *** and unable to imagine how anyone can get it to work does not mean that they cant,there are many more very happy owners than you could imagine lovey.

I will leave you with one thought my darlings, if no owners can ever make a reservation then who is using those very nice units that belong to me and you.

The answer my friend is (not blowing in the wind) but all of the happy owners you all wish you could be.

and with that my darlings Miss Piggy will sign off and start packing her bags for her next Bluegreen Vacation.


i agree it is a inside bluegreen tactic coment


sorry sputtering you are WRONG we have had more than our monies worth out of Bluegreen.

may it long continue and sorry no I dont work for Bluegreen nor have they paid me , but they can if they want to


How much were you paid by Bluegreen to make your comments? NO timeshare is EVER a good deal because you have no say in the control of costs or rules changes. You pay or they will ruin your credit!

BLUEGREEN is more capitalistic than most and only does what benefits them - not their owners!!!

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