Southfield, Michigan

I have worked with the company for over 4 years and the way they treat their employees are terrible. You start making 9.oo hour and then you never get a raise.

The trip is a fake because they dont tell you all the details over the phone like you have to pay your taxes which is $75-100 per person. Then you have to send in 100 refundable * deposit to secure your hotel and other charges. They also dont tell you that you have to leave out on a Monday or Tuesday or you will be charged extra. The ways they handle business in the Novi Call Center is a disgrace.

I would never recommend that anyone go to a presentation, buy a timeshare from this company or even work for them.

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I worked for Bluegreen for three years and two months. I loved my job, I worked in a store and I was not scamming anyone.

We didn't have these extra fees she was talking about, I believe she was selling a different package and it is her job to let the buyers know what will cost them more money.

I did, I sold the package honestly and still lost my job. I am not bitter, when a door closes a window opens and to me it will be a window of opportunity!

Lake Clarke Shores, Florida, United States #27459

maybe the people in the call center you work in are liars but i was made completely aware of the taxes i had to pay and had a great time on my trip the Indy office is wonderful, so do every one there a favor and quit if your not happy

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #25218

Well I started off at the NSC making $9.00 and now I work at Corp making over $13.00. My thing is if you're not happy do something about it.

And also if you haven't gotten a raise maybe you're doing something wrong. Sit down and talk to you Manager/Supervisor about you job duties and goals. See if you are meeting them so you can get that raise at the end of the year. You also have to keep in mind that the company has alot of employees and they are doing their best to meet everyones needs.

But you got to shine if you want to be seen sometimes. That's what I'm doing.

Adiyaman, Adiyaman, Turkey #25020


Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #24295

come on all timeshare companys work this way

we live in the UK and my wife has just won a free holiday just phone this number and yes its a timeshare and yes you have to pay so much per person and yes it as restrictions so as you can see its the same worldwide

nothing in this life is free

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #24293

If its as bad as you say why are you still there after 4 yrs.

You have had plenty of time to find yourself another job.

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