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I recently attended this "90-120 minute" presentation in exchange for 2 "free" nights at their resort.

1) They should disclose the amount of time they least 4 hours (if you show interest, then maybe 5 hours total). It is bad business to say 2 hours of your time, as after 2 hours you have just gone to the warm up presentation, where the guy talks about 911 and how he lost people and guilt trips you to spend extra time and think about your kids...(pathetic)

2) They are all warm, fuzzy and friendly...until you say "no" at the end. My guy said "you just don't get it", as well as "you're lucky we gave you the extra 2 hours" (as it went 4)...when really he should be thanking me for MY TIME.

3) All in all, if a company forces you to sign up on the spot, without allowing you to do your due diligence (on such a big decision), then they are not acting with fairness, honesty and integrity.

I didn't even get a handshake at the end. He just walked away

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I guess I was just looking for an excuse to go to vegas- but it was well worth it to sit through this presentation for two free nights. the rooms were nice, the hotel was nice, nothing to complain about!

considering a one night at the bellagio is $350. two free nights at bluegreen for 4 hungover hours listening to some guy talk is not a big deal.

and why would you walk that far to the strip? quit being cheap.

get a cab. or ride bluegreen's FREE shuttle bus.

Stary Plzenec, Plzensky Kraj, Czech Republic #35723

You sound like you work for BlueGreen Henry G. My point was just to advise consumers that 1) you are promised that they only need 2 hours of your time which is completely false (it's more like 4-5 hours).

2) they tell you buy now or never & 3) are extremely rude when you say "no", instead of being polite and courteous. You seemed to miss my point, it has nothing to do with the "free" room nights (which is not really free at all, as they are the ones benefitting by getting scores of people to listen to their 4 hour presentation in exchange for a couple of nights with them in their empty rooms Did I mention planes fly right over their property, it's a fair walk to the strip and many things don't work (Wi-Fi didn't work, pool was under maintenance, elevators creaked). Anyways, my point was that they are rude, inconsiderate, not honest upfront (no, they don't strap you in a chair, but the presentation does go on for 4 hours) everyone that is promised they only want 2 hours of your valuable time----it's a lie.

They actually have to lie to you upfront instead of telling you the ACTUAL time (on the contractual agreement you sign it says 90-120 min).

Anyone that attends one of these presentations clearly knows it's a lie, and that's just bad business from the start. If they have to be duplicitous about that right from the start, one must question what else are they being duplicitous about...(apparently a lot as I've read...)


You've got to be kidding. I suppose they strapped you into a chair and forced you to stay.

What sort of business would these people be running if they simply gave a talk and handed out free room nights to everyone without attempting to sell them something. If the future perhaps you'll not attempt to simply get something for nothing.

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