Raleigh, North Carolina

Blue green told us that we could sell our points and recieve a check to cover our payments....in case we weren't able to ''get free'' and use our points at any given time..... we make payments of 278 dollars a month and that' not counting the maintainance and tax fees.....

which they didn't tell us would get higher every year..... we thought that we were doing a good thing for our kids....but it's a big scam that costs so much that I'm ashamed to ''pass on to my kids''......they said we could use our points to pay maintainance fees too.....and then they backed out of that ......we were talked into increasing our points so we would ''be considered more readily for bluegreen reservations''.......

we had already paid off a sampler package and another ''upgrade to 8000 points...... now we are fed up...!!!!!!!!! can any one help us on the grounds that ''their salespeople lied to us''....????...my email is...

teacherdeaf40@yahoo.com.......I'm a vietnam veteran from 1968 and I need some help......!!!!

i really feel foolish to have entered into such an agreement but I feel we were coerced into this by slick salespeople who will tell you whatever you want to hear......

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Woonsocket, South Dakota, United States #8911

continued in annual fees and maint. fees thats over 7000 for 1 vacation.

where's the good deal? im sure i could find my own vaction for $7000.

i was told to up my points, great higher mortgage payment and maint. fees go with that idea

Woonsocket, South Dakota, United States #8910

i wish i could help i'm also a veteran, we got swindled the same way you did, i was told i could sell my share but thats *** near impossible too. i have 8000 points ever other year, it would take me approx. 4 years to get a week at one this nice resorts in those 4 years i will have made my monthly payment of 120 x 48 months = 5760 plus 1600-2000 in

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