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BlueGreen Resorts.. Be assured if you ruin my good credit by false advertisement & absurd “resale” rules I WILL ruin your good name!

Who's heard a company would rather you stop payments & foreclose, than let you sell with the same benefits? Maint. fees &dues raised so high we cant pay them, hidden charges for EVERYTHING.

When YOUR employee mistakenly told me I needed to roll my points, my "fee" could not be refunded. Think I will sit at the stop light at your resorts/tour building with a sign that says BLUEGREEN LIES AND HIDES….ASK ME FOR THE TRUTH!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Springfield, Ohio, United States #761853

I will gladly join you,if only to warn the people who get sucked in by them. I don't know if I would go as far as to say GOOD NAME, as anyone who knows, how they Scam people.

There should be a group of people to sue their Suits Off them....I will NOT give up!!!

I can PROMISE this! Please NEVER EVER fall into Timeshare Trap....Beware!

MMMMM Icould stand behind you with a board saying "here is a person who cant afford to pay their Bills ..... Now thats the real truth LOL
:grin : :grin grin :grin :grin :gri :grin :gri :grin :grin n n :grin :grin :grin
to Happy Bluegreen Owner Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825131

Let us know where, so hundreds of other happy Bluegreen owners that I personally know can join !

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