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My family & I had the unpleasant experience of attending a bluegreen presentation on our last day of vacation at the Dells & it was dreadful. The no pressure tactics/leave when you want promises & free gifts were all a ploy to lure innocent victims into their snackpit!

Prior to signing up & giving our $20 deposit, the representative made bluegreen sound great & that there was definitely no obligation to buy. We were naive to think that that would be the case. The moment we walked into the "pit" we knew it wasn't good. All the BS talk from all the pompous arrogant sales people was enough to make us want to vomit.

No matter how many times we said no, it wasn't good enough. Since our sales guy was new to the job, he kept calling over his more experienced supervisor to coerce us to buy. They wouldn't let up, not even hearing our whining hungry 2 yr old, was releasing us from their evil cluthes. Once the "supervisor" got sick of us & knew we weren't going to sign anything, he then insinuated that we were there for the free gifts.

Let me just say that no free item is worth that much to endure something so horrible!

To not waste no more of their time, we were given our free gifts but after that overdeal, we returned them because we wanted nothing from those people to remind us of that awful experience.

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Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, United States #12167

We recently sat through the 120 minute presentation, and the sales person did a great job of hiding the "fine print". Fortunately, when I said "no", my wife and I didn't get the high-pressure, guilt pitch.

Maybe I was firm enough that they understood that my no mean no. We were also fortunate that we were given our $75 with no hassles for sitting through the presentation. I am very leary of the sales pitch that says, "for today only". That is a dead giveaway that something isn't quite right.

Now that I have read all the reviews, I'm certainly glad that we walked away. For those of you who are considering this "deal", I would be very, very cautious.

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