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Our family too attempted several times to book rooms to Orlando and Myrtle Beach using our points, or through bonus time, and right NO rooms available. But much to our surprise we could book rooms through their rental part or even at We got the same response.

there has to be something as OWNERS we could do. We too would appreciate our money back for the biggest RIPE off we have ever gotten into.... They get you in there, you pay and arm and a leg for your package, ridiculous yearly fees, and the bottom line you would come out better if you would book through

Come on members lets FIGHT BACK..all for CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT....

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #19838

Bluegreen hater why oh why did you buy into a timeshare vacation club if you never plan ahead

traditional timeshare gives you no option but to go the same week year after year, this systm gives you the fexability having said that if YOU cant or will not commit to making plans in advance Please dont knock those that do and one other very important point I would like to make is

If you could get a decent 2 bed unit in some of the nicest resorts that sleeps upto 8 people at very short notice then I am afraid that alarm bells would be ring since in all the yrs I have been going on holiday (and I can till you thats quite a lot) I have never and I say never seen the best rooms at good resorts be available as a late deal.

So get real and try planning like most people do and stop making an ar*e out of yourself by makeing such silly comments

How many points do you have?

to happy owner #1431520

Shut up. You probably work for the company.

Warne, North Carolina, United States #19164

I'm in. I keep hearing people say they want to sue them but can we?

I too am tired of spending extra money on vacations when i own a vacation club that never seems to have availability for me when i want it. its always you should call ahead of time. how am i supposed to know when im going to take vacation a year in advance.

i'm done with this place i'm trying to sell it. does anyone know anyone who has been successful in selling it?

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #18026

what a load of bull I was offered 5 nights in Orlando over this memorial weekend on the wednesday prior to traveling.

and in 5 weeks time will be staying in Myrtle beach for 11 nights.

so come on get real

Richmond, Michigan, United States #15239

count me in!!

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