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Im a previous employee of BLUEGREEN CORP-& although it paid the bills at the time I experienced pissed off customers like you all, all of the time. I was browsing for other info and ran across this site.

Sorry 2say nearly all of the complaints are true. Its a buisness & once U sign on the dotted line-u have a grace/recission period-Salespeople are sure to avoid you until that grace period has run out & opting out is 2late. After that you have to go thru *** & back to get anything done because the contract is signed, sealed and delivered.

This is a routine that has been duplicated so much that the reservation agents have strict scripts to follow.

I felt sorry for customers in these situations and knew it would be hard to impossible for them to get rid of these Timeshare contracts so I did my best to show them how to utilize it to the best of their ability. The saddest part was seeing how salepeople sold them to the elderly who just honestly didn't have the "time" to enter into these 20-30-50 year contracts.

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