Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Admit it, you only went on the tour to get your free tickets. You were probably put up in a local hotel for $50 (The resort is for members, not mooches), and now you're pissed off because you're not at the resort.

Maybe you purchased a sampler program and were surprised to find out that you don't have enough points to stay at the most popular resort during the peak season. Wake up! Time share is what it is. It is not going to work miracles.

You have to be flexible and you have to ask the right questions (and LISTEN to the answers) before you buy.

I love Bluegreen!!!

My husband and I have been all over thanks to our Bluegreen points. If it were not for their affiliation with World Hotels, we would have been paying over 500 euros a night for our hotel room in Paris.

Instead, we were able to pay with our points.

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We own bluegreen but its pathetic that there are cheap people that can't afford to pay for their own vacation and take advantage of the system, that's call Welfare vacations you Loosers .

And you complaint about Ethnics taking advantage of the Government's Welfare, WAKE UP!!!

You are just like them loosers!!!!


I love all humans.please stop calling people losers


Probably those + comments were written by Bluegreen employes.


Probably those + comments were written by Bluegreen employes.


There is an attorney currently taking names of Bluegreen owners who are seeking justice for being scammed. Contact for details.


I am a moocher and have no problem saying that. Last summer we booked a deal through a time company to stay just out side disney for 5 nights with free passes to disney for just under 600 dollars.

When we first booked are rooms it was to stay in a hotel room, but with two young kids we opted to pay a little extra to stay in a 2 bedroom condo in the resort. Im glad we did because the hotel we were originally booked for was pretty ***

To most middle class Americans the idea of being able to travel wherever we want whenever we want is great! Its something we all would love to do. The sales people know this and feed into this fantisy. But in reality most of us will only take on big vacation every other year and weekend getaways to neighboring state or wherever.

So why buy a timeshare when we can get a great deal and be entertained by a salesman for an hour and a half.

Thanks all you owners, keep paying your mf fee's and mortgage for your imanginary vacation house, and I will keep getting deep discounts and freebies on my vacations. See you in orlando next year!!


It's so simple!

No use in discussing.

Timeshares are not for everyone. Just as buying a house is not.

Just as flying first class is not.

You buy at a price and you pay to maintain it.

Or you rent from others to live somewhere & or vacation with expedia and send their kids off to college as they use your money to pay the same fees.

There is a market for everything.

Feel free to choose where you spend your money.

By the time your dead whatever leftover in your savings are for someone else to use.

Some want everything for free, others pay for it.

Some people try to get the best for nothing.

Good luck & happy vacations


We are in the middle of trying to cancel our agreement right now, after receiving the *** telephone scam conversation and reading all the fine print. I don't give a *** if any of you jack *** claim to think this is a great vacation company.

There are more negative complaints toward this company than any I've seen before. They even lied on the phone to us and said to check out the BBB and that they were accredited. They aren't even a member! So you *** holes can say what ever you want to the rest of us whom have all had terrible experiences with this company, call us ***, etc.

But in reality, you are completely dumbfounded. Calling us mooches....what the *** do you think this vacation package was for?? It was a promotion.....isn't that why people went on it to begin with. After reading these post's it's obvious that ignorant idiots like you that make this company look even worse!!!

If you had the vacation details in front of you that we would look at this the same way.

Don't take to calling people names and being rude little wenches before you get your facts straight. That being said, kiss my ***.


I recently vistited Charleston, SC and was approached on the street to attend a Bluegreen presentation. It didn't take but three questions for me to determine the sales person was very unprofessional.

You just don't swear within the first two minutes of a "pitch," okay? When a second Bluegreen representative (Manager, I guess?) joined the conversation, (probably to rescue the salesman) he was much more smooth in his delivery but it was not long before I could feel the pressure starting. I am pleased to say that I walked away from that train wreck.

Especially now that I have read about your experiences. Thank you for sharing and confirming that I didn't waste my money or, more importantly, my time on Bluegreen.


Wow--there's a lot of nastiness going on here! I agree with J!

Any company that requires you to sign up immediately after a hard-sell presentation and doesn't allow you to do the appropriate research has something to hide. And call me a mooch if you want--I openly admitted to the sales rep that I was attending for the freebies! I spent four hours listening to what they had to say and touring their resort, and in the end, I just wasn't impressed enough to sign up THAT DAY. So I took my free passes and vacations and left.

I'm pleased for those of you who are so happy with your Bluegreen memberships, but don't be such snobs. I've enjoyed vacations in Myrtle Beach and Gatlinburg--as well as the Carribean, China, India, all of Western and Eastern Europe and the Galpagos Islands--and more. And if you listen to the Bluegreen reps, Bluegreen is indeed for those people who want to travel to popular destinations within the US. Our kids like Myrtle Beach and Orlando better than Aruba--and as adults, my husband and I have enjoyed both.

So don't insult people like us, and those who want a simpler vacation--maybe you're the *** ones for paying such an outrageous interest rate and financing the high-pressure sales tactics Bluegreen uses. And yes, for paying for my family's vacation and free amusement park passes!

The Bluegreen rep told us it costs them $400 for each family they pitch to--and you members just paid for mine. I'm just grateful our family dodged this bullet when we took our freebies and ran!


Timeshare is not designed to go to Gatelinburg, Orlando and Myrtle Beach. Its for the places all you mooches will never see.

Ever seen the sun set over Aruba?

Answer: NO!

Your too fu#king *** to know a value when you see it. :cry


Time shares are great. They give you versatility to choose your vacation destination at a time that meets your needs. But here are the facts on Bluegreen.

Bluegreen is a predatory company.

Bluegreen does not check the credit of its potential 'owners' prior to the sale. If you can produce the down payment and sign your name on the dotted line, you are an 'owner'.

Bluegreen plays on emotions. Their pitch plays to your heart strings to the point of guilting you into a sale. They don't care if you can afford the timeshare, they just want the sale.

Bluegreen charges EVERYONE 15.9% interest on the sale of their timeshare. Who in their right mind would pay 15.9% interest over 7 years for anything?

Thank you Bluegreen for a 3 night stay in Myrtle Beach for $150.00. Come to think of it, thanks to all of the Bluegreen owners for paying the 15.9% interest and paying for my trip to Myrtle Beach.





How wrong you are what else can I say we have had timeshare for 9 yrs and have broken even so now its lots of good quality vacation time for the cost of the MF and I am sorry to have to tell you that you can not get Quality hotel rooms for the cost of the MF never mind appartments

Please tell me where I can get Qaulity hotel rooms for 4 weeks at a cost of $1600 in places such as Orlando, gulf coast, Myrtle Beach and Charleston


You are spot on


I agree w/ you! These people are obviously idiots for not reading the contracts they signed. They got a free vacation and still complain,but you just can't fix ***


points cost money!

add up the cash you paid for points and maintence fees...

Then add how much cash you would have paid if you booked it yourself....

you paid more for those "points" than a person who paid with cash