East Lansing, Michigan

We were high pressured into buying an 8000 point package 7 years ago for 6500$. Since then, we've paid over $9600 and we still owe 3500!

Talk about 15.9%. We were strong armed with promises that have never materialized and services that no longer exist. As I read through complaints, I see similar complaints. The attorney general in Pennsylvania settled with BlueGreen for it's tactics in 2010 for over 500 consumers.

Anyone in Michigan wishing to file class action complaints for services promised but not given, violation of do not call lists, contracts pressured and not adhered to or unavailability of vacations promised, please contact me at pnickelson@broadstripe.net. Maybe our attorney general can get our contracts nullified for us. Bluegreen is ruining our credit ratings for bogus charges.

MFs are going higher and higher. Let's fight back!

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They did that to me.


They did that to me.


Fred is not a Blugreen Employee ... He is a cleaner for a company paid by BG....He goes by many aliases...."miss piggy"...

Fortnet....UK etc. Do not be intimidated. You did the right thing by contacting your attorney general. The public has the power to rid this country of these vultures.

Thank you for your report. You are suffering but you have possibly saved many others.


before the sinics come on No I do NOT work for Bluegreen

sorry sorry to disappoint some of you


well I can say that everything that we were promised we have had , the product is a good one with one of the lowest mf around for the standard of resorts .

Yes mf go up but there again your own mf go up and not to mention the cost of hotel accom. Talking of hotels people compare 1 room in a hotel to a 1bed unit at resort when infact they shoud compare a 1 bed suite in a hotel to a 1 bed unit at resort ........ do that then work out the cost.

we went to the presentation knowing what timeshare was about we were told the truth and we signed up over the years it has saved us many $$$$$$$$.

you can read into this what you want but I know that what is written down here for you to digest is 100% true

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