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I bought into Bluegreen in February and have tried to book 2 vacations with no success. Before buying my timeshare, I informed them that I have 2 small children and need to vacation within driving distance and am unable to book more than a couple of months in advance due to my profession.

I was promised by my salesman that availability would not be a problem in their resorts. I was also told with the timeshare "you will never have to stay in a hotel room again." Once again, a lie! The only availability on my second attempt was a hotel room, which was a 14 hr drive. My complaint to a supervisor was her informing me that most areas require a reservation to be made 11 months in advance for availability.

This is ridiculous bc the bonus package I received was 2 free weeks a year that can only be booked within 45 days of the planned travel date. I spent a lot of money on vacation time that I will probably never be able to use, and my children will inherit a lifetime of yearly maintenance fees. If I never get a penny back and if it costs me thousands more to fight this, I am making it a goal to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else. I will be exhausting all resources to stop this scam.

If you have been scammed by Bluegreen of TN, please contact me via email Resatoler@yahoo.com.

If you are looking for advice: Do not buy into anything Bluegreen says they have to offer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I agree that the resorts almost all require flights, which is the worst part for me and mine. That drives up the cost of an "already paid for" vacation significantly.

And we don't even have kids.

I also find the resorts themselves mediocre for the amount of maintenance fees collected.

How about some actual maintenance, BG? Poor.


Drew the same goes for me you do not know me you have made wild assumptions that I am connected with BG.

But if you want reality try collecting a new born baby from hospital who is being taken into care because her parrents are drug addicts. Try dealing with her as she goes cold turkey to try to get the drugs out of her system, watch her at 2 days old constantly shakeing , try to feed her in the middle of the night in such a state. But you know in the end she will be ok since she will be going up for adoption and hopfully a better life only to find 8 months down the line she has to go back to her birth parents (who by the way were still on drugs and never turned up fot their drug tests) watching as she is taken back and given back to them never knowing if she is still with them or back in care or even still alive. Or the abused 9yr old lad who phoned the police to put himself into care. These are the grass roots reality, and yes our kids were part of this foster careing but they were always awear of the enjoyment of planning their holidays , ticking the months then weeks then days off to it was time to go , saving up their pocket money, working out what they could take. Careing for others is only one side but the family planning of the holidays was ours ond ours alone, even now they are adults and have g/f and b/f they still what to be part of the planning and always ask it would be nice if we could all go to ....

You do a good job there is no doubt about that but again you made a bad choice but the way you paint it is wrong, a timeshare be it BG or Starwood or Hilton is not a scam, you just did not look into it, the ironic thing is that it would have made you plan a holiday with your kids who would have been the ones to benefit from it. You give the impression rightly or wrongly that they take a back seat and helping others comes first.

I wish you well


I'm not going to address how you think I live my life or what you think I should do. You don't know me or how I spend family time and holidays.

I do have to agree with you on one thing though: I made a "bad choice" in buying into Bluegreen. Once again, I don't want anybody else to make the "bad choice" I made.


Drew in addition maybe you should take some of those kids into you home for a while look after them on a 24/7 basis Like we have done as well as look after our own kids.

Take them on holiday with you enjoy christmas with them, so please do not assume that you have touched more lives in your first hour at work than we have because as we all know

to Assume makes an *** out of U and ME


Drew in addition maybe you should take some of those kids into you home for a while look after them on a 24/7 basis Like we have done as well as look after our own kids.

Take them on holiday with you enjoy christmas with them, so please do not assume that you have touched more lives in your first hour at work than we have because as we all know

to Assume makes an *** out of U and ME


Drew you do good work and nobdy can say otherwise but you can not blaim Bluegreen anyone who buys a timeshare should know that you need to plan .... they have been around a long time and the old system of fixed weeks should have taught all who look into timeshare that you need to plan.

You and only you made a bad choice it is that simple

by the way you save children lives and I help to save the armed forces lives not as dramatic and not as heartbreaking I grant you but no the less some mother as been glad of what we do.

The reality is that you owe a planned vacation to your own family and not just a snatched one when you can fit it in.

The reality is that those days with your kids on holiday are pricless and once gone you can never get them back, that my friend would give you (and your kids) even more pleasure, those at home are just as important as the kids you help


LOL! I get more pleasure from and touch more lives in my first hour of work on a daily basis than you will in a lifetime.

And working for a Pediatric Cancer Institute, I pray that when my days are up that somebody fills my shoes bc in my experience I have seen people come to work and quit within a day bc they can't handle it. That's my reality! That's the main reason I can't plan vacations far in advance. Again, Bluegreen knew this when I purchased but continued to tell me I would never have problems planning a vacation in a short period of time (actually within a month).

All I know is Bluegreen has scammed me and many others. And the purpose of my original post (like many others) was to let viewers know my experience with Bluegreen and not to waste time responding to your ignorant comments that Bluegreen wastes my money to pay for.


I know as much about healthcare as you do about timeshare ,on that we can aggree .

Reality .... well you have no idea get off your high horse and enter the real world .... you would not know reality it it hit you in the face. In the wide scope of things you are just like the rest of us a number and when your number is up then somebody will just step into your shoes. That is reality, but before my number is up I intend to enjoy my holidays

The difference is I work to live not live to work and that does not mean that I am less dedicated to my job than you are to yours


Stick to what you think you know best- how Bluegreen is SUPPOSE to work. You obviously know nothing about healthcare nor reality.


Drew why buy a timeshare why even go to a timeshare presentaion and sorry but because you are doctors does not stop you planning a holiday.

There are thousands of Doctors /consulants/Prof that plan holidays so what a lame excuse you have.

All I can say is happy owners have to monitor as you put it to set the record striaght for all the lies that are told in these complaints.

If everything that is stated in these complaints is true why oh why do people get upset and think every happy owner works for BG, the very fact that they do tells me these complaints are a pack of lies.

By the way if you are so busy saving all those people then the same could be asked about you.... how come you have time to monitor this site?


Little rumbled aren't you? LOL!

Dead end job? My spouse and I are both physicians that can't leave pts dying for vacations if we don't have coverage. That's why we don't get holidays and aren't able to plan way in advance. These are things Bluegreen knew when we purchased.

I could care less if you work for Bluegreen or not and definitely don't care enough to research whatever it is you put as your occupation. You spend way too much

time monitoring this site making all your amusing comments.

Once again, congratulations that your are enjoying your timeshare! Your experience does not sway from the fact that many others were misled.


Drew I have to feel sorry for you that you are in such a dead end job that you can not plan a holiday, do they have such a hold over you. Just remember that you are a long time dead

Please try to understand the simple fact that no matter how much you would love me to work for Bluegreen so you can poke fun at me ,I do not. Never have and never will. I will give you a little clue to where and what my highly qualified job is. Textiles, Lancaster, UK, ASDC If you are so sure its Bluegreen just do a little homework (but then again you are not so clever on that are you)

so sad that you fail to understand but never mind I can still enjoy my holiday with Bluegreen lol

and many more to come

have a nice day


Pigheaded, rude, rumbled? Wrong adjectives: more like humored by your ongoing posts. ROFL, I bet we too could plan vacations whenever and where ever if we worked for Bluegreen like UK.


7 days in New York then onto Cape Cod for another 14, next July and Aug.

How I love my Bluegreen :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


well if I am full of *** so be it ,but it does not change the matter that I am a happy wner who knows how to use what I bought unlike most of you sad complainers.


Kinda funny how this TROLL uk talks more *** than anything


Drew1 after a days sleep I have reread your comments and it appears that it is you that is rude or should I say sarcasticly rude you are right it does not take a group to work out the system but this group help eachother to get more out of their points but it is ok if you think you can do it all on your own.

Once you have calmed down maybe you will see it in a different light and just wonder how people can get more out of the system, there ways of getting far more out of your ownership and please do not knock those people who are willing to share with people like yourself who seem to be so pigheaded that they think they do not need any help.

So be it I for one will enjoy my ownership along with over 2000 owners who now belong to the group and learn something new every day, it is also those people who BG corp take note of when asking for comments on their ownership.

BG do listen ,you and others on here may not think so but how many of those complain on here about mf have emailed John Maloney about it. I would say none, but how many in our group did and yes they heard and yes they actted and yes mf did stay the same for 2012

But I bid you farewell and let you fester in your own selfpity


Drew that got your attention didn't it

So if you know how the system works then why all the complaining? you will surly know how to get around your little problems but then again you do not wish anybody to help you

by the way one only comments on the silly complaints that are made one enjoys their vacations and one would wish that all owners could but then again some do not want to i am afraid.

Sorry again I do not work for BG ,these comments are writen after my machines are rolling away

Please dont be so rude cos somebody as rumbled you lol

by the way I was only interested in how many points in order to help you but again you know best


Wow, uk, why all the name calling? LOL!!

I don't believe you are not an employee of Bluegreen and hope you don't do this for free. You waste way too much of your time as well as everyone else's. These viewers need to know the truth. After reading your rude comments, why would anybody buy into this company knowing there is a possibility that they will have to vacation with you or somebody like you?

Real Classy!!! Also, my points are none of your business but since you are the Bluegreen expert, do the math and figure it out (if a 5 year old can read a contract, he can also do math!) By the way, I know how the system works and it didn't take group counseling to figure it out. A few weeks ago I was able to book a vacation in the location and time (March and white season) I wanted; however, there was another disappointment: didn't get the resort I wanted nor the amount of rooms I needed.

Viewers, my spouse and I did read our contract very carefully and were there for over 8 hrs getting all of our questions answered. They were just answered dishonestly.


Drew1 please list all the points that Bluegreen told you and I will give you the answers

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