For the most part we enjoyed the the resort. Our room was very spacious and clean.

We were, however, very inconvenienced during our short stay. We were a part of the Bluegreen sampler package, and thus were aware that we would have to sit through a presentation at some point. However, we did not know that it would be scheduled for us without our input. The presentation was scheduled right in the middle (12:30) of our ONLY full day at the resort.

We spent an hour on the night of check in trying to see if there was any way we could change it. The concierge informed us that everything was full, even though we mentioned that we had non refundable tickets and a full day planned for our only full day in St Augustine. She said that someone would contact us first thing in the morning. When no one contacted us we went to talk to the concierge ourselves.

He said he could not do anything until the manager came in, but the manager was late. Thus we spent another hour and a half waiting around for no answers. Finally we decided to drive downtown to at least do something before we had to get back for our 1230 tour. When we were halfway to our destination we get a phone call saying they can do a tour now.

So we drove all the way back to the resort to sit through a presentation about blue green resorts, something we hadn't even had a chance to experience because we spent our first night and morning trying to reschedule this presentation. I will say that the concierges were very friendly and helpful and it was not their fault that bluegreen has these ridiculous rules for scheduling these presentations. We tried to schedule our presentation for the morning of checkout as this would have been the most convenient for us (not to mention there were available time slots), but we were told that they don't do "day of checkout". We also suggested doing the presentation when we visit Savannah in the fall but were informed that they only do first trip.

Well thanks to this frustrating experience we did not sign on to become owners and probably will never do so with this company. My advice is to be more flexible with these presentations.

Contact guests before you schedule them because they most likely have plans scheduled for their trips. If it wasn't for this frustrating experience we would have had a much more relaxing and positive time at this resort.

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Maryland, United States #862216

I had the same issue, our hotel that they placed us in was low budget.

We basically paid for it our self by the time you add all the fees.

They promised us a cruise which we never recieved.

It was a rip off

Cross City, Florida, United States #857682

If you would of signedup with Savannah you would of been pleased. The team we had went over and beyond to help us and make us feel welcomed. Jessica was so great and I love her to death

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