This is to let everyone know that we did receive a refund from Bluegreen. The key is cancelling in the allotted time which varies from state to state so READ your contract and Owner's Kit immediately.

We were approached in a Bass Pro shop and offered a vacation if we would attend a Bluegreen timeshare presentation. Like idiots, we fell for the presentation and signed a contract to purchase. We were in Seiverville, TN. Back at the hotel, we looked thoroughly at the Owner's Kit they had given us.

It was a huge binder full of information. We realized that we did not want this timeshare and read further to see if there was a cancellation option. We found we could cancel in 10 days. Bluegreen NEVER mentioned one word to us about the buyer having a cancellation period.

Our presentation was on Saturday, 7/28/12. On 7/29/12 we returned the Owner's Kit to the presentation site and received a receipt for it. On 7/30/12 we typed and printed a cancellation letter at the local library using the language in the cancellation option. We had the letter notarized at a local bank.

We included a copy of the receipt for the return of the Owner's Kit, and sent the letter overnight to the address given in the cancellation option which was in Boca Raton, FL. We stopped payment on our check and notified our credit card company that we would dispute this charge should Bluegreen charge us. Bluegreen did charge our credit card. I called every Friday and was told each time that Bluegreen would (or had) cancelled the contract on 8/7/12.

I was told we would receive a refund on the credit card, but the times varied depending on to whom I was speaking. Some said 20 business days while others said 30-45 days, all beginning with Bluegreen's date of 8/7/12.

Eventually, we did receive a refund on the credit card on 8/30/12 which was not posted until 9/2/12. I just wanted to let those know who are waiting on a refund that Bluegreen did refund our money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Thanks for posting all of this!! Here’s my update: went to presentation in Tennessee on August 14th.

My wife and I decided we didn’t want it on the 16th. We sent our rescission letter notarized and certified and it was received on the 21st. Now I’m happy to say that it is only the 30th of August and we already got a full refund on everything. Also I did NOT send the kit back and they didn’t charge me for it.

It doesn’t state anywhere in the contract that I have to send it back so I didn’t . I also spent the 100 dollar debit gift card and 50 dollar restaurant gift card they gave me and also planned a 7 night vacation for free they gave me before they returned my money. Oh well I guess good for me called bank just to confirm refund and made copies of everything in case anything comes back to bite me in the ***!!

You snooze you lose Bluegreen you thought you had another person fooled with your games. Guess again


Thank your for the information you shared i followed the steps on how to cancel the contract and already received a refund and my purchased was cancelled the staff that helped me were very nice to me the only reason i cancelled my contract was because i felt like i rushed making the decision to purchase and when i started looking at reviews i got cold feet and decided to cancel the contract am glad i did the research before my 5 day cancellation agreement even though they told me i had 30 days. Once again thanks for the information you shared.


I do have to send all the booklets and the cd-rom they gave us? I just sent my rescission letter had it notarized and sent it certified mail but I did not return the kit.

Is it too late? Can I still send it back I haven’t heard anything yet it’s only been a week

to Tim #1546262

You can still send the kit

to Anonymous #1547670

Who do I send it to? Do I send it to boca raton Florida or do I send it back to the place I went to the presentation which was Sevierville Tennessee. I live in Illinois.


Thank you for sharing; I also bought in and realized I did not want it a cple days later. I was stressing wondering if I could cancel, so your post helped me immensely!

I found where we have 10 days to canx. We also were hovered over for hours and hours with no food or time to discuss amongst ourselves; basically time to think. They even walked us out to our car at the end. Anyway, thanks for the icanx.

info. The request to canx going out tomorrow 3rd day in.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1325936

Does anybody have a sample cancellation letter?k

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #1313568

We visited Myrtle Beach and stayed at a nice condo courtesy of Bluegreen. All would have been well if we'd just nodded through their presentation and walked out, as we have many times before in similar presentations, but for some reason we were *** and fell for their spiel.

We signed up for a $17k package on Monday afternoon.

Tuesday morning I stopped by their sales office to say that I wanted to cancel the contract, and they told me it had to be sent in by certified mail to their Boca Raton office. I went straight to the post office and mailed the contract package back by certified mail, along with a signed letter saying that we were cancelling the contract. For good measure, on Thursday morning I sent another signed cancellation letter overnight by FedEx, along with copies of the first letter and a picture of the certified package taken at the post office.

The FedEx tracker confirms delivery of our cancellation letter, while the USPS website shows they attempted delivery but haven't been successful so far. I'll post back here with an update when Bluegreen issues a refund.

Bakersfield, California, United States #1268830

I sent a letter but I did not return the owner's kit. By not returning the Kit, did I waive my right to cancel?

I was surprised they didn't provide the revocation form with the contract folder.

I typed on up myself. I didn't even check if it was in the Kit package.

Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #1257161

What do you mean by "using the language in the cancellation option. "?

to Anonymous Bakersfield, California, United States #1268864

The wording is in the contract with bold letters. Please note that like in my case, I signed in Nevada which provides a 5-day cancellation window but I was provided an addendum because my resort is located in California which provided a 7-day window.

I just contacted Bluegreen and was told they received my letter and confirmed cancellation. Make sure you return your owner kit or you will be charged.

I had not sent mine and was told I would be charged for it unless I sent ASAP. They received my notice of cancellation on 1/10/17 and confirmed cancellation for 1/13/17.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #1217724

This review helped us a lot! Thank you so much for the bery valuable info. We signed up for a timeshare in florida and I am glad I read all the pages of the contract in time---10 days to cancel timeshare---I mailed thru usps certified mail the packet/books that bluegreen gave us together with a cancellation letter that is notarized to make it 'more legal' and they returned my downpayment after 5 days of mailing letter and packet

Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States #1216957

I just bought a vacation package 3 night stay in st petes and a 3 night cruise for $198 total. I honestly am smarter than to fall for these *** scams but they got me this time.

After reading the reviews I called them right back and demanded a refund. The guy was honestly very friendly, I immediately got a refund receipt emailed to me and said it would take 3-5 business days to have the $198 credited back to my account.

Has anyone else tried getting a refund on the vacation package?

to Anonymous #1304966

I am considering canceling a 3 day 2 night trip I just bought for $349 to Big Cedar in Branson, Mo. After reading the negative feedback about these tours, I am having second thoughts. I am in Arkansas and they didn't enclose any special instructions on canceling in Arkansas as the paperwork said they did.

to Anonymous #1457823

I am on here now feeling exactly as you are. I will be calling and cancelling my vacation package. I already know that I don't want to purchase a timeshare and I won't, but I now know I don't want to waste my time sitting through a 90 minute presentation either all for a two nights.

to Anonymous #1405897

Did you get a refund on vacation package?

to Anonymous #1428283

Is it possible to provide the phone # you called to cancel ?, and what was the reason you provided for cancellation?. Did you have to write a letter or over the phone was enough?.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #1211250

We are going to cancel as well. We saw the presentation and purchased this past Friday (Big mistake) in Nevada but were "assigned" the property in North Carolina.

We got the public offering statement for both Nevada and North Carolina - each say we have 5 days to cancel. The summary for the North Carolina property gave us the address and how to submit the cancellation notice within 5 days. The address that was given was in Boca Raton, Florida. Is that where everyone else is sending in their cancellation notice?

Thanks in advance! Also, it doesn't say anything about returning the welcome kit?

to Anonymous Bakersfield, California, United States #1268872

I was given this number: 800-456-2582

I was told to send the kit to where the time-share was purchased. I sent my letter to Florida.

My time-share was purchased in Nevada. I send both with signature confirmation of receipt and/or return receipt.

to Anonymous #1367254

I purchased 40 points in Myrtle Beach this week. After looking at the interest cost....DUH...I realized it was a bad deal.

My documents have a statement they follow SC law. I may cancel within 5 days and to mail it to Boca Raton.

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