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Yesterday I called BlueGreen to bank my 2010 week with RCI. Although they had received my maintenance fee on Jan 11th, the refused to bank my week because they require 14 day to post the payment.

My week starts on February 5th, so it is important that this be banked now to preserve trading power. (Yes, we are a bit late; this is do to personal health problems causing a late decision.)

I have provided BlueGreen with the check number and full information. Hopefully they will reply -- maybe even do something.

BlueGreen has recently taken over our resort, Club La Pension in New Orleans. Compared to the previous (original) developer, I find BlueGreen hard to deal with, unreasonable, and outright rude. They do NOT appear to be interested in helping owners.

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I am an owner at Bluegreen Club La Pension. All I do pay pay pay without receiving accountability. "Avis with money on your mind" do you work for Bluegreen?


sounds like crane4 is after your money guys


Disgusted with Bluegreen about the events you stated plus the 2010 and 2011 "events"?

Contact me at to join with other owners to find solutions.

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