Tampa, Florida
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Paid maint fee for 2010 and a month later rec. bill for proposed remodeling of 1550.00

I Feel this is an absurbed fee.

Orig. purchase was Club LaPension N O, La.

Bluegreen later purchased this resort.

This purchase was made in mid 90s and I have paid maint fees faithly and have used this facility and used as an exchange.

I am interseted in participating in a class action suit against this outfit.

II would not let me trade for another site because of so called period to remodel.

Bluegreen offered another week at another of there resorts for a couple hundred dollars.

Monetary Loss: $1550.

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I see that you have made a statement without knowing any of the facts, yes he could research TUG and all the other forums but to advise him that it was to bad that he had paid his MF is very poor advice indeed.

Bluegreen bought the property, it is far far below Bluegreen minimum standards (apart from the fact it is falling down) and needs a lot of work doing to it.

Lbship is one of the original owners who as allowed the previous owners/managment to let it get into such a state, he should have been paying enough MF over the years to pay for these repairs, he owns the week ,he has taken out all these years and now complains when he has to caugh up to repair his timeshare.

The remaining units /time that now belongs to the Bluegreen Vaction Club will also have to pay their share (but should they when the previous owners have let it fall down ?).

The only difference is that the BGVC units/weeks/points are in trust and the cost is spread across all owners.

In stead of a class action against Bluegreen he should have taken that action years ago when HIS managment group took HIS Mf and did not maintain the property.

He should be thankfull that BGVC has stepped upto the plate and are doing something about it, does he not understand that he will end up with a far better resort than he had previously.

He has had it too good for to long and always remember at some stage "somebody has to pay the ferryman"


As I replied to another one of your posts

The fault is with the original owners It is those who you should direct your class action

The building is falling down why should ownwrs of the bluegreen vacation club pay to have "you" resort repaired when "you" have never paid to have these repairs done before.

The previous owners ripped you off not Bluegreen

Please get your facts correct before posting

Many rooms were unusable


I doubt that class action will do you much good. You might research TUG -- Timeshare User Group.

The timeshare is probably not worth $1550, too bad you paid the maint. fee.

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