Carrollton, Texas

My best friend was going through some hard times she lost her mom unexpectedly, found out she had breast cancer and her dad fell and broke his shoulder all within a couple months. Her finances suffered because of this traumatic time in her life.

When she contacted Bluegreen the wouldn't return her calls, she needed to talk to someone so she could get things worked out with her payments. Weeks and months went by without much success of getting things done. Long story short, Bluegreen turned her account in as a foreclosure. Bluegreen never let her know that they were going to file a foreclosure on her.

Since she just found out about the foreclosure she called Bluegreen to try and settle her account with them so she could get her credit in good standing, again she called them literally about 10 times before they called her back. Bluegreen told her that there was nothing she could do to settle her account, then they rudely there anything else we can help you with?

I have seen how hard she has tried to work with Bluegreen and it just amazes me how rude they can be once you have signed up with them. I can not stress enough to STAY AWAY from Bluegreen.

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Are we talking here about a loan taken out to buy the timeshare? or are we talking about not paying fees ..... this is unclear from your posting.

if it is for non payment of fees then it is very clearly stated what the timescale is regarding her account going to a collection agent and by the way the timescale for this is not overnight but takes several months .

it appears that she seems to have hid her head in the sand and now wants to blaim the company but please remember that because of here actions (or lack of action) our fees keep rising. If owners do not pay then it is not BG corp that takes the hit it is the rest off the fellow owners of the vacation club that have to bail these people out.

In my opinion it should happen more often why should I and the other owners have to constantly bail out those who cant or will not pay.

By the way my wife has also gone down the breast cancer road and had the opp but please do not use this as an excuse it only puts a slur on the good work that is done it beat this . to go off on a slight tangent did you and your fried take part in the run to raise funds and awearness to breast cancer .... I hope you did

to Robbo #566369

Just to add if she can prove she has made the payments and all is upto date then it would be then upto Bluegreen to prove she was in default. All thes payments can be made over the phone ,online, by from your bank account.

Also or this information is available to her on her online account whuch she can studied 24hrs aday 7 days a week. So even if she had trouble when she conttacted Bluegreen all the relevant information was still at her fingertips.

I am sorry put it is simple dont pay they take it off you not matter if it is a timeshare, a house or a car

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