I have a problem with the attitudes of the customer service department when I called about maint. fees.

The maintenance fees are outrageous per year!!!! You can't expect me to believe that the maintenace on my timeshare is that much per year. Especially when I'm not the only one that stays in the timeshare and I only stay once a year.

I have had nothing but bad experiences with Bluegreen since we bought our timeshare and I can't wait to sell it!!!!!!!! You hodoo'd me once but you won't do it again It's not fair that I can't use my points until my maintenance fees are paid if I pay my monthly payment.

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Everything about this corporation is terrible. Their customer service is horrible.

Maintenance fees are ridiculous and they need to be investigated. I think they are stealing from us and we have no recourse because it is listed somewhere in very small print. One year our maintenance fees went up 41%. Plus, most of the time when you try to book a place there is nothing available.

IF you are lucky enough to book a place to stay, before you even get checked in they want to schedule you for a 90 minute tour/presentation which is just another sales pitch to try and get you to buy more. If anyone is considering buying one of these vacation packages - BEWARE!!!!!


simply put, bluegreen has some serious customer service issues. for that matter, some of their sales people are so pushy, they *** on being obnoxious.

not a professional sales environment. Buyer beware of Bluegreen

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