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We were at Bluegreen Orlando resort from 06/27/2014 the Hotel was very nice. The presentation was on June 29, and we signed the contract, I'm so sorry didn't read the reviews before.

After reading all reviews Sunday night and Monday morning, I couldn't believe the amount of complains this company have, also I did understand better how it works. On Monday 30 we prepared the letter requesting our refund and send all package on Tuesday. Today is July 8 and no answer yet. How long I will wait for my refund is money we really need.

We decided to find a Lawyer.

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Niceville, Florida, United States #888573

Good luck, as you will probably have to take legal action. Have you received your refund yet??


Thanks for your comment Scarlett, but there's more people unhappy than happy, I just was surprise for the concept, but the reality is different, I prefer continue with my AIRBNB app great places where to stay and no worries about maintenance fees. Thank you again for your comment.

to robsterman1970 #845710

Robsterman...it's that there are more people complaining than posting about how they love their Bluegreen. It's like any sites - who posts ?

the complainers...whether it's about restaurants or anything else. Haven't you ever read terrible comments about a restaurant, or something else on Trip Advisor, but decided to go anyhow and found you liked it ?

I was among a group of 50 Bluegreen owners who met last weekend at Christmas Mountain and had a wonderful time !

Another 45 of us met at Big Cedar earlier in the month, and 26 of us are meeting at Hershey in September. We've been having a ball with our Bluegreen vacations and met so many people we now consider as BG family, since we became owners in 2006...

The usual snide replies I see say I'm a Bluegreen employee....which I am not...Thanks for your nice post !

to scarlettt #849888

you definitely pains by blue green to post this. No way a normal person get to go for that many vacations in short time. you lier...

to ttii #849919

ttii....I haven't a clue what on earth is wrong with your knowledge of Bluegreen...but we take 5 vacations a year at a Bluegreen Resort.. We spent a week in March at Solara Surfside, a week over Memorial Day at South Mountain, a week over the 4th of July at Big Cedar, 3 nights the end of July at Christmas Mountain, and are spending a week at Hershey over Labor Day. I'm a teacher and as a result spend my time vacationing when school is not in session...


We already file a complain with the BBB, and have a case number, I hope to get my money back soon, very bad CIA, they don't tell you, maitnance will increase in a considerable % every year! and even getting more points the Resorts or Hotels never have dates available.

to robsterman1970 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1216619

Yes, Maintenence fees!

They lie by omission.

We couldn't get any reservations, then they told us we need more points.. equals dibs.. well. More points,later.still hard to get reservations unless you can reserve 2 years ahead in prime locations.

Which I can't, because I have a job that is very demanding.

Maintenence fees go up when buying more points, thanks for not telling me bluegreen.

We are pretty much firced to use it, when we can use that money to take out pick at a Sandals resort for a real vacation.

The only good thing 8 can say, is that they are usually clean, but not always comfy, had horrible beds in Gaitlinburg.


If it was money you really needed, why did you buy in the first place?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #838177

Buyer beware. Blue Green charges for everything and they do not tell the truth in the sales presentation.

We purchased more points and received a large increase in our dues after the salesperson gave us the incorrect amount. With the invoice we were given an option to pay it in full or set up a payment plan. The amount was shown as to what we would pay for the next three months. Apparently, we missed the fine print clause which states we must call and pay $25 dollars to establish a payment plan.

We decided to send in the initial payment. Two months go by and we had already sent in our second payment we received an invoice with a $50 dollar late payment. I called the customer service line and even though they had received both payments they did not consider us to be on a payment plan. I was told I had to pay the $25 dollars plus the $50 dollar late fee even though I was not late.

I have never witnessed such a scam in my whole life. I threated to write a letter to the CEO and told the women we will NEVER purchase another point from Blue Green again. I should also mention that we spent an extra 7,000 dollars in the same year by purchasing more points. They do not care about their customers at all.

Bad company. I wish I could get out of this and away from them.


You just need to learn how to use what you purchased !

Ignore all the negative reviews. I love my Bluegreen !

to scarlettt2014 #849894

You BG employee, we know your practice of lying. you cannot fool us, you scoundrel!

to pickman #849920

Seriously ? I'm a teacher...I can only guess you are being funny, Pickman....or think you are......lol

I spent good money on my ownership and learned how to ENJOY it !


Like anything else, it is the complainers who take the time to post, whether it's on trip advisor or anywhere else.

I love my Bluegreen because I have learned how to use it to make it work for me and my family.

You chose to buy it, of your own free will, so learn how to enjoy it.

Contact me, if you want to hear all the great things about Bluegreen. Do not be scared by the uninformed.


It aggravates me to read comments that are from those who don't know what they are talking about.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #838052

I am in the middle of returning mine.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #838051

It took some around 30 days to get money back

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