Winter Park, Florida

Just completed a presentation at the Bluegreen at Shannondoah Crossing. Me and my wife bought the 2 night stay in exchange for Bass Pro Shops gift cards once you participated in the presentation.

The facility where we stayed at the Lodge was more like a old roadside motel, but at least the bed was comfortable and they had hot water, but very outdated. We were asked to forget the Lodge and imagine ourselves staying in a cabin or a yurt, both of which that we were shown seemed nice. Why not put us in one of those? They said that they were booked full for the weekend, but as we walked around the facility it was more like a ghost town.

All the extra activities at this resort are priced separate and would really cost for a family. This was both of our first experiences to participate in one of these sales pitches, and all was well until at the end when we were not planning on buying one of their Deeds. The sales manager that comes and throws the numbers out at you was trying hard to get us to commit to a deed. But , as we were told several times from the representative at Bass Pro to those at the preview center if the offer is not for you, we will just shake hands and leave as friends.

Not so easy as he is getting frustrated and asked me " don't you want the best for your family"? Me and my wife told them that we were just not interested, the plan may be good for someone that vacations alot but would not benefit me or my family.

We were getting really aggravated almost to the point of harassment and guess he could tell that, quickly shook our hands and walked off. This did get to be a high pressured sales event and we were mostly disappointed that Bass Pro would be associated with these folks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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North Atlanta, Georgia, United States #582321

I recently took a trip with Bluegreen and I had a great time. My wife and I went to charleston and the presentation was short and the guide was friendly.Gift cards were given as promised, would def do it again.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #576413

Funny- I have been to the lodge, and it was really nice. Took a nice wine tasting tour.

The presentation was easy, and actually fun. I would do it again!!

to princess Highland Park, Texas, United States #646393

We just purchased a $199 trip that is a 2nigh/3day stay and were told all we had to do was go to the presentation and pay taxes on the room... Anything else we should know about??

What type of documentation a do we need to bring? And any additional fees they try to charge?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! You can message me at

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