Fort Washington, Maryland

10 years ago, they flowery promises of the benefits of timeshare that they never ever delivered. I paid monthly for 10 years and everytime you wanted to go for a vacation, they always never had vacancy in locations you wanted to go.

I lost points many times even after I rolled over to RCI which is another scam. I banked my points for rental one year in advance and they claimed they "could not rent it out". If I had flown to the property that same week, I can almost guarantee that it was rented out to somebody else. Most of their properties are sub standard when you arrive physically.

Don't believe the pictures. You are better of paying for your hotel in the traditional sense than these jokers. Out of 10 years I paid my mortgage and maintenance fees, I was able to use it about 4 times ONLY. When I thought I had made my last payment on my mortgage, they wrote me and said that I owed $96 for late payments dating back 9 years.

That was also a lie because I had always had my payment on ACH for all those years. After 10 years of almost perfect payment, can you believe they threatened to report it to the credit bureau if I don't pay that amount? What a customer service. There was no recourse from their corporate office as they kept bouncing me around to several people who they knew had no authority to do anything.

So I decided that I would do everything in my power, through social networking and word of mouth, to spread the unscrupulous practice of Bluegreens as nobody in their right mind should be investing their hard earned money in this mess. In my 4th year, I realized that I wanted to divest of this mess. Then I debated that too much had been put into this to let go. Now, I regret that I did not take the loss at the time.

Believe me, if you are reading this, stay far away from BLUEGREEN.

This will be a poor investment you will always regret. Regretfully, FP (Unhappy Owner)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Eric, Cibola Vista was not in the Bluegreen Vacation Club 7 years ago !!!!!!!!

It is a fee for service resort and Bluegreen only started this service maybe 2or 3 yrs ago, that means that they did not develop the resort they have taken on the selling of the remained of the units for the original developer


I've had a bluegreen timeshare (cibola vista) for over 7 years and I've never been able to rent it (never even used it). The maintence fees are insane and I can't get rid of it without losing a tremendous amount of money.

I've contacted bluegreen and they are no help.

So I'm considering organizing a protest or a consumer boycott of Bluegreen in Phoenix, AZ.

If anyone is in the same situation as I am and near the same area please contact me at We are stronger when we're together.


I totally agree bluegreen is awful I've had a timeshare with them for 7 years and have never been able to rent my time out. I want to vomit when I think about all the money I lost. The only reason I still pay is I don't want it to destroy my credit score.

I say a group of us get together and protest at Bluegreen sales sites till they realize we wont stand for this.

Anybody live in the Phoenix, AZ area?


I agree that BG is a scam. I would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit if there's enough interest.



we have also owned our Bluegreen points since 2005 and we have never ever had a problem in getting a reservation. All our reservations are in the peak season.

You really do need to learn how to use your points.

Plan ahead and make your reservations early if you are unable to do this then no timeshare will ever work for you.

How many points do you have, what is your aniversary date and where and when are you "deeded"


I bought BG back in 05 and can never use it due to the fact that they are always booked. They have no problem however calling and sending you mail about your payments not being on time.....

Blue Green is not a timeshare to own, I wish I would of checked them out first.... has anyone been able to sell theirs?


Is Blue Green in money troubles. Their stock at two a share.witch makes it penny sock. Can someone tell me



looks as if you may not be very wise yourself

however if you took the time to learn how to use BGVC then you may well change your mind

and have some very nice vacation time matey


BG has scamming people down to a fine science. The reason why you saw misspelled words, is some of the folks we encountered, were just plain crooks and not to wise.

We have $27,000 dollars into this scam, and would love to be able to sue to get our money back.

Don't buy from these people. You'll only lose money.


:eek All these comments scare the *** out of me. Did any of you owners of BG timeshares get approached at Bass ProShop to pay $100 then get a 2 night stay at a Branson Hotel and attend a BG sales prsentation? After the presentation you are given a $100 gift certificate for Bass ProShop.


please add to the class action that you all ticked the little boxes and signed the paper saying you understood what you were buying :p


Dont forget folks you sticked all the little boxes saying you understood everything the salesperson told you :sigh




do not now shout wrong doings at this late stage they told you not to do it but you went ahead and signed.

Darling what more can I add


Sorry Leary buyer I have to admit my spelling is almost as bad as yours it should be condescending lol


I think Kermits friend is spot on. Why did you pay all those $$$$ to a company when you could have sold it on ebay.

and just a little comment it is grammar not grammer and I do not think he/she was condscending (please note spelling)


I agree kermit's friend must work for bluegreen. When I went they kept saying if it isn't for you don't buy.

Why didn't they tell you this doesn't work? I have a guess $$$, easy to blame the victim, K.F.

How funny they are being so condensending and yet mispell so many words and have such poor grammer.



We will be at The Fountains on July 23rd for 7 nights this takes 16000 points (and if you only had those amoutn ofpoints) the MF would be $1040 (this fig is not just pulled out of the hat it is FACT ) now having just checked on the same 7 day would cost (at todays exchange rate) $1829

I know those figs to be true so were did yours come from you give no dates or references so how do you expect us to belive you


Randy they saw you comeing my friend

To think you paid them Just under $4000 for them to take it of your hands, whos the fool lol


I loved Bluegreen and there resorts as well as there staff.But when my fees and dues went from $650 per year to $978 in just 5 years was was very upset. It's true I can stay at the Fountians for a week $700 to $800 per week.

were my $978 will only get me 3 to 4 days during the same period. Sad but true I had to pay just under $4,000 to unload it to another time share company. This was a purly a money decision. look on ebay thousands of people are giveing it away for free.

Just pay the fee's. Thats right you cant give it away even with $10,000 to $30,000 off the retail price.

Bluegreen wont even take it back for free. Get the message "kermits friend"


How can one kmow unless one buy the timeshare.. and you Kermits friend, you sound like you are one of the sales reps that who've been trained to speak for Bluegreen.

I have been an owner and still haven't found a vacation according to my date and place. Do you own a Mercedes too? HOw many people have you sold BG too?

To Unhappy Owner : Please go to Twitter/Facebook/Yahoo/Google and everywhere so that we can all get together and get back our hard-earned money.

We are yet to get to go to a vacation through Bg. we have been to other places and stayed in regular hotels!!

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