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In Wisconsin dells, WI, last weekend, They wasted 4 hours of our precious vacation time and on top of that those 4 hours with the bold finance guy were torcher.

We literally had to tell them NO NO NO, we dont want this and then their behaviors suddenly changed and they were being so rude to us.

NEVER GO TO this presentations and if you go, tell them upfront that you dont want to buy any contract with them.

USE Slang language if you need to but dont waste your important time on your vacation for this B/S presentation and torcher.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I am definitely sure that you are one of those P*mps too who scam people in time share. isnt it?

Is that why you feeling bad when people are saying how they wasted their time?

So sad Mr.Anonymous but thats the truth and you guys suck at sales too ... :grin


Isn't it funny, that every single one of you signed up to be at the presentation? It was not a court ordered subpoena.

What happened was, your family is too unfortunate to afford a real vacation and pay for it yourselves. So you sign up for show tickets, hotel stays, and bass pro gift cards. Anything you can get your grubby hands on, and then when these "sales" people actually try to help you out with a plan that would aid your family in being able to take full blown vacations in amazing accommodations without having to attend a presentation, you guys tell them NO NO NO.

Maybe if you actually paid attention and listened to what they had to offer, you might like it and realize you should invest your money in something that secures family time, not presentations. *** *** You people amaze me sometimes


I stopped going to Owner Updates a few trips ago. It just wasn't worth our time. We'd get $50 or $75 out of a few hours of our time. I could make that much money in an hour doing work that I enjoy doing, rather than sitting through a *** sales presentation. I'm surprised it took me so long to realize that it wasn't worth it! :-)

However, I have found my BG package to be worth it... so much so that I bought a second one! Both were bought "second-hand," which, despite what they will tell you, DOES give you all the same rights as if you bought it from them. Heck, I was even able to pull points from both packages for a single trip, which they also said wasn't possible.

Anyway, if you DO go to one of these things, commit yourself to not buying a package directly from them... you can usu. find packages for less than $1 per point.

Moil, Northern Territory, Australia #191790

I went to one of these 15 years ago in California and knew a little about the pressuring that they do. I went last weekend to Bluegreen and played it smart....I went by myself (left the girlfriend to enjoy the sites during the presentation) where they couldn't play one against the other.

I ride a Harley everywhere I go, which they seemed to turn their nose up when I told them that. When I was one-on-one with the sales rep, I laid out my money is invested in my 2009 21' fishing barge, my 2010 Dodge Ram 2500, my new 2010 Ultra Classic Limited Harley, my fishing and hunting trips with my friends, and my 2009 RV. My vacations consist of Harley rides, fishing trips, and hunting trips...all with "my friends". I said I wasn't interested in any of the package deals they had and was ready to go ride my Harley while I was there and I was out the door:) Prior planning on my part resulted in me being out the door and riding the back roads with my girlfriend!!

All in all, I walked out with a gift card worth only $25, a 2 night "free" stay at a local hotel, and a free 4 night, 5 day cruise!

Well worth it to me for the amazing Harley ride there and home! (Maybe I was just one of the lucky ones!)


I am quite happy that I took correct decision of ignoring their rudeness and not to pick any of their packages --- coz all packages suckkkkkkk

But I will never forget that bould guy with a small clinch of hair under his lips.Jack-asss


another legless person


god save me if you change to wyndham you will be nickle and dimed for sure


I'll sell you 1 week a year in a villa at christmas mt. for a total of $3000. I'll check back here for your reply.


I agree with the presentation being too lengthy, pushy, and employees turning rude after you decline their offer. I bought in to Bluegreen 8 mos ago.

I just took my first vacation with them last week and had to endure ANOTHER sales presentation that was called an 'owner update'. Owners beware, this meeting is NOT for your benefit! It just gives BLUEGREEN another opportunity to sell you more points. I told them UPFRONT that this was my first vacation using their services and that I was not interested in purchasing anything.

Almost 3 hours later, after I declined their 'price freeze' sales presentation time and time again, they became rude and just basically pushed us out the door. I came with NO questions, and left with MANY! I could not sleep the rest of my vacation due to this 'owner update'. They basically lied to me by telling me I purchased my pts at $1.61 per point even though I purchased 7,000 points for $15,000.

You do the math. Then they tried to sell me more and pressured me because of this 'price freeze' expiring after 1 yr. Please don't bother responding if you are a Bluegreen employee. I know alot of the replies to the comments posted are from employees acting like satisfied customers.

Just further proves our point........Bluegreen is scamming their customers and the employees are helping them do this. I will NEVER recommend Bluegreen and am looking to change to Windham where I should have gone to start with.

By the way, I am intelligent, affluent, and work in the financial industry. I can't believe I let this company scam me but it won't happen again!

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